THE SHADOW OF THE DRAGONS| The Legacy of Verena Vengerberg - Chapter 1 - Rhaenyra_2020 - A Song of Ice and Fire (2024)

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THE SHADOW OF THE DRAGONS| The Legacy of Verena Vengerberg (Chapter 1)

Since time immemorial, Valyria was the home of dragons and magic. It is said that our ancestors, the Valyrians, were blessed by the gods themselves with the gift of fire and blood magic. This ancient magic flowed through our veins, granting us power over the world and dominion over the skies.

Valyria was ruled by three powerful families: the Dragonfire, the Malfoy, and the Vengerberg. It was said that they originated from a city located in the Shadow Lands, The Shadow, whose existence and history remain shrouded in mystery.

These three families brought their power and knowledge to the newly emerging lands of Valyria, sharing their secrets and abilities with the inhabitants of those harsh lands.

Of the three families, the Vengerberg stood out as the guardians of the darkest and oldest magic. Our house, filled with powerful and wise women, direct descendants of the goddess of magic, rose as protectors of Valyria's deepest secrets.

In its days of glory, Valyria shone with unparalleled splendor. Its cities floated above rivers of lava, its dragons soared the skies with majesty, and its mages wove spells that defied imagination. But even the greatest empires can quickly fall.

With greatness also came pride and the abuse of the gods' gifts. The lords of Valyria, intoxicated by their power and glory, began to challenge the very gods who had blessed them. Their hearts filled with arrogance, and their spirits corrupted by greed and unbridled ambition.

Dragons were exploited and used as weapons of war, magic was perverted to satisfy dark desires, and the gifts of the gods were misconstrued as rights rather than blessings.

The fall of Valyria came with a cataclysm of exorbitant proportions. The wrath of the gods was unleashed upon us, engulfing our cities in fire and ashes. The skies darkened, and the dragons roared in agony as our world crumbled around us.

At the moment of destruction, several families were forced to flee westward, seeking refuge in unknown lands, trying to escape that tragic fate.

Thus ended the era of the great empire of Valyria, but the magic of fire and blood endured in their blood, awaiting its rebirth in the lands of Westeros.

Year 113 AC

In the heart of Valyria's capital rises the imposing castle of the Vengerberg, a fortress of obsidian and black steel that towers over the ruins of ancient civilizations. Its sharp towers reach towards the sky like black spears, dominating the horizon and proclaiming its power.

From the outside, the castle appears as an impenetrable bastion, surrounded by high walls and moats filled with burning lava serving as defense against any invader. Dragons and other grotesque statues adorn its battlements, staring outward with cold, empty eyes.

But it is within the interior where the true magnificence of the castle is revealed. Its halls are adorned with ancient tapestries and carpets woven with threads of gold and silver, displaying scenes of battles and ancient ceremonies. The walls are adorned with torches burning brightly, illuminating the dark corridors.

At the heart of the castle lies the temple in honor of the goddess of magic, whose name is whispered with reverence and fear. Ebony doors open to reveal a sanctuary, with walls covered in ancient symbols and altars honoring the gods. At the center of the temple stands a great statue of the goddess, carved from black stone and adorned with gems and jewels that gleam in the candlelight.

At the feet of the statue, a woman kneels, immersed in her prayers, oblivious to the world around her. Her black hair cascades over her shoulders as she closes her eyes, lost in deep meditation.

"Verena," a voice called out, pulling her from her trance.

The newly named Verena turned and saw behind her an older woman with black hair and a purple dress, who gazed at her serenely at the foot of the stairs. Quickly, the young woman rose from her place and made a small bow before the elder.

"Supreme Sister," she greeted respectfully.

The old woman merely nodded and with a wave of her hand, indicated to the two ladies accompanying her to withdraw. The ladies obeyed without a word, leaving Verena and the Supreme Sister alone in the temple.

Silence filled the temple as Verena and the Supreme Sister contemplated each other, each lost in their own worlds. Finally, the elder made a gesture indicating she needed assistance. Verena hurried to her side, offering her arm for support as she helped her up the steps.

Together, they walked back to the foot of the statue, where they knelt in reverence before the goddess of magic. For a while, they remained in silence, letting the divine presence fill the space between them.

"What are you doing here, Verena? You should be getting ready," the elder asked directly, breaking the silence.

Feeling ashamed at her superior's words, Verena merely lowered her head, unsure how to respond when the elder took her chin firmly, forcing her to raise her gaze and meet her penetrating eyes.

"Answer me, Verena," the Supreme Sister ordered with a soft yet firm voice.

She obeyed and with a sigh, confessed, "I have had dreams again, Sister."

The elder merely lit candles at the foot of the statue as she listened attentively to Verena's words. The glow of the flame illuminated her wrinkled face, accentuating her serene features.

"I saw a battlefield," Verena began, reliving her dream. "Thousands of bodies lay on the ground, consumed by fire and war. I heard the roars of dragons around me, I could feel their fury and power. But the most striking thing was when I saw a man, he wore armor of Valyrian steel and sat upon a throne made of swords. His presence was... unsettling."

As she finished her tale, Verena turned to face the elder, seeking answers in her eyes.

"What do these dreams mean, Supreme Sister?" she asked urgently, hoping to find guidance in the elder's words.

However, the elder remained silent for a moment, her eyes deep and reflective. Finally, she lifted her gaze to meet Verena's, but her expression remained enigmatic.

"I do not know, Verena," she said sincerely, her voice resonating with unwavering serenity. "Dreams are the messengers of the gods, and sometimes their meaning is difficult to decipher. But I will tell you something, if they wanted you to see that, it means they have something prepared for you, and for that reason, you more than anyone else must be attentive to the future," she responded seriously.

Verena merely nodded in understanding. As she helped the elder to her feet, the elder gently caressed Verena's face, imparting a sense of calm and tranquility that enveloped her like a comforting cloak.

"This day is not to be feared, Verena," the elder said softly. "On the contrary, it is a special day for all of us. You must go and prepare for what is to come. That is the only thing that should occupy your mind at this moment."

Verena nodded silently as she watched the elder leave the temple, leaving her alone in the quiet of the sanctuary. After contemplating the statue of the goddess of magic for a few more moments, Verena also departed from the temple, determined to fulfill her duty and prepare for the night ahead.

THE SHADOW OF THE DRAGONS| The Legacy of Verena Vengerberg - Chapter 1 - Rhaenyra_2020 - A Song of Ice and Fire (2024)


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