Halo Infinite Operation: Anvil Update Goes Live, Full Patch Notes Revealed (2024)

The next Operation for Halo Infinite runs through the end of July.

By Logan Moore

The latest Operation for Halo Infinite has started today and will run until July 30th. Rather than continuing with a seasonal format, 343 Industries previously shifted to adding new content to Halo Infinite in smaller chunks that it refers to as Operations. Now, Operation: Anvil has gone live and has brought with it a new battle pass, cosmetics, and an additional playlist that brings an all-new game mode.

In total, Operation: Anvil for Halo Infinite features a 20-tier "Operation Pass" that is available to all players for free while the event remains live. After that time, those who didn't complete the Operation Pass will be able to buy it for 500 credits to retain access to it in perpetuity. If you'd prefer to obtain everything from the pass right away, though, you can also pay 2,000 credits to gain these cosmetics without grinding.

Outside of this new pass, BTB Sentry Defense is the newest game type in Halo Infinite that was developed by the Halo community. The mode sees two teams of 12 looking to attack the opposing team's sentry. Whichever team sees their own sentry hit 0 hit points first will lose. Other than this mode, a new community map called Command has also been incorporated into this BTB playlist.

To learn more about what's included with Operation: Anvil, you can find the full patch notes for this new Halo Infinite update attached below. Additionally, be sure to check out the accompanying launch trailer which shows off more of the cosmetics and new content in greater detail.

Halo Infinite Operation: Anvil Update Patch Notes


This update brings new content, numerous bug fixes, and several new features to Halo Infinite. For a full list of this update's bug fixes, see the Resolved Issues section below. New features and content included in this update are:


The Anvil Operation, which launches alongside this update, features a free 20-tier reward track and Shop bundles inspired by the partnership between the UNSC and the Arbiter's Swords of Sanghelios.

As with previous Operation Passes, this Operation's reward track will be available to all players for free during its 4-week duration. Players can progress through the reward track by earning Match XP in multiplayer matchmaking or Custom Games. The following premium offers are also available:

  • For 500 Credits:
    • Permanent access to the full Operation pass.
    • Exclusive customization items: "Smash and Grab" Weapon Kit for the M41 SPNKR and the "Rent Seeker" Weapon Coating.
    • When the Operation Pass is equipped, an extra Challenge slot.
    • While the Operation is active, bonus Match XP during multiplayer matchmaking.
  • For 2,000 Credits:
    • Everything listed above in the 500 Credits offer.
    • Instantly unlock all 20 tiers of the Operation Pass.

Once the Operation's 4-week window has concluded and it is no longer available for free, the Operation Pass will be accessible via the two premium offers outlined above.


The new Big Team Battle (BTB) Sentry Defense playlist features the matchmaking debut of an all-new community-made game mode and map. In BTB Sentry Defense, two teams of 12 players must defend their base's AI-controlled sentry. The two sentries are Sentinel Bosses, also known as Adjutant Resolution in the Halo Infinite Campaign.

Each team's sentry starts with 2000 hit points, which is reflected in the match score. Attacking the enemy team's sentry will reduce their score while using the Repair Field equipment on your team's sentry will increase your team's score. The first team whose score is reduced to 0 will lose the match.

The BTB Sentry Defense playlist features the following multiplayer maps:

  • Command
  • Deadlock
  • Fragmentation
  • Highpower
  • Oasis
  • Scarr

Command, a new community-made map, is also available in the Big Team Battle playlist.

The BTB Sentry Defense playlist is currently scheduled to rotate out of matchmaking on July 16th.


Prior to this update, the Exchange shop listed all items made available during the Banished Honor and Tenrai IV Operations. Starting with the release of the Anvil Operation today, these previously released items will now be available via the Customize menu. The Exchange menu will now only feature the items made available in the latest Operation.

Regardless of which menu they're purchased in, all items previously listed in the Exchange menu will continue to only be purchasable with Spartan Points.


The following issues were resolved in the July 2, 2024, update:

  • Items listed in the Exchange menu will no longer appear as Vaulted or as earnable via a Battle Pass when viewed in the Customize menus.
  • Improved stability on Xbox One consoles.

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Halo Infinite Operation: Anvil Update Goes Live, Full Patch Notes Revealed (2024)


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