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The Halo Space entrada has tons of collectibles to notice, but the well-nigh interesting ones are arguably Precursor Artifacts. In that location are vii of these stone band structures scattered across the terrain of Zeta Halo, and each ane offers upward some interesting lore virtually Zeta Halo's past, the Forerunners themselves, and more.

Unfortunately, since Halo Infinite's open up world is so big and these structures aren't very large, spotting them tin be difficult — especially since you'll accept lots of Banished troops to contend with as you explore. Don't worry, though, considering we're here with a helpful guide that showcases all seven Precursor Artifact locations. Follow forth, and yous'll accept all seven in no time (using Halo Infinite'due south FOBs for fast travel is recommended for getting around the map quickly).

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Halo Space Antiquity I location

The kickoff Forerunner Artifact, Artifact I, can be constitute towards the center of the map. Yous'll find the artifact at the base of some mountainous terrain on the edge of a grassy field, almost a few clusters of alpine trees.

Halo Infinite Artifact II location

Artifact II is located in the eye of the northeastern region of the map, directly next to a small lake. There are usually some Banished troops guarding this surface area, so keep an eye out for enemies while walking up to this artifact.

Halo Infinite Artifact III location

Artifact III is in the mountainous surface area of the southwestern portion of the map. Yous'll find it on the highest point in the area adjacent to a grassy field and several copse.

Halo Infinite Antiquity IV location

Artifact IV is located in the same southwestern region as Antiquity III, merely is on the northeastern edge of the area on the flat peak of the tallest landmass. Information technology's straight near several large abysses.

Halo Infinite Artifact Five location

You'll find Antiquity V in the southern portion of the map on a large mount that overlooks much of the southwestern region. The artifact is surrounded past several Banished crates and pieces of materiel.

Halo Infinite Antiquity 6 location

Artifact 6 is also located in the southern part of the map, though y'all'll need to become east from Artifact 5 and cross the big completeness with the bridge or an air vehicle to access it. You'll find the antiquity at the northern stop of the river that runs along this region's eastern border, correct next to a waterfall that flows into space.

Halo Infinite Artifact Seven location

The terminal artifact, Artifact VII, can be found on the southeastern corner of the map, right next to a massive abyss that spans well-nigh of the map's eastern side. There'due south usually a fairly heavy Banished presence here, so bring some powerful weapons.

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Halo Infinite Forerunner Artifact locations: How to find all 7 Artifacts (2)

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Halo Infinite Forerunner Artifact locations: How to find all 7 Artifacts (3)

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Halo Infinite Forerunner Artifact locations: How to find all 7 Artifacts (2024)


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