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What do you do when it's not Girl Scout Cookie season yet and you're having a serious craving that just won't wait? You make them at home! There are some talented bloggers out there whipping up their own versions of these addicting confections and I rounded up a list of some of them to share with all of you in one convenient spot. While I encourage you to still support the Girl Scouts by buying the real things from one of your local troops (I just can't resist the cute uniformed scouts that show up outside of grocery stores!), these will tide you over until then!

Photo credits: All of the credits for the photos in this post belong to the original bloggers that shared these recipes. Links are provided under each one, so please click through to see the full recipes for each cookie. If you try one out, please go leave them some love in the comments to let them know!

And now, on with the show!

Girl Scout Tagalong Cookie Recipeby a Dash of Sanity
Take a buttery shortbread cookie, top it with peanut butter, and slather it in chocolate. I have no problem with any of that.

Girl Scouts Do Si Do Copycat Recipe by Baking a Moment
Claiming to be even better than the real thing, these peanut buttery oatmeal cookies stuffed with a creamy peanut butter filling are sure to fill the void before you can replenish your stash of the originals. This recipe is naturally gluten free.

Shortbread Trefoils Copycat by Dough and Batter
Trefoils don't get a lot of love or attention... they are just shortbread after all, and I always prefer a homemade melt-in-your-mouth shortbread cookie over anything you can get packaged, so this recipe fits the bill. Mad love for the use of a GS cookie stamp and extra rim of sanding sugar, too.

Copycat Girl Scout Cookie Recipes (4)
Homemade Savannah Smiles Girl Scout Cookies by delish
Crunchy little lemon cookies dusted with powdered sugar: an underdog in the Girl Scout cookie world.

Gluten Free Girl Scout Trios Recipe by Recipe 4 Living
One of the gluten free offerings, this peanut butter oatmeal cookie is chock full of chocolate chips. Who needs the flour?

Girl Scout Lemonades by Craft Bake Envy
Lemonades are another shortbreadcookie that have been dippedinto lemon icing. This recipe looks very convincing, if you try them let me know what you think!

No Bake Girl Scouts Thin Mints Recipe by Like Mother Like Daughter
I'm pretty sure that Thin Mints are the universal favorite Girl Scout cookie. The jury's still out on whether or not they contain some sort of illegal addictive substance because once you start eating these it is really hard to stop. And we all know they taste even better when you store them in the freezer and eat them when they are ice cold, right? This recipe is a quick no bake solution for when your stash of the real thing is getting... thin.

Homemade Girl Scouts Thin Mint Cookies by Sally's Baking Addiction
If you're in the mood for more of a fully homemade version of these choco-minty goodies, give this recipe a try.

Girl Scout Samoas Cookies by Just A Taste
Samoas are my all-time favorite Girl Scout cookie and they will never be topped. I'm never making these at home because I will have to completely replace my wardrobe.

Easy Homemade Samoas by A Million Moments
And because they're such a fan favorite, I gotta give you two options for making these things yourselves.

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Copycat Girl Scout Cookie Recipes (2024)


Why do Girl Scout Cookies taste different? ›

Girl Scout cookies are produced between two bakers, Little Brownie and ABC. The baker that is used depends on the council in your area. If you've moved since the 70's/80's or your council has switched baker, then there may be a factory difference in taste.

Are there knock off Girl Scout Cookies? ›

Great Value Fudge-Covered Peanut Butter Cookies

Sliding into the top five on this Girl Scout cookie imposter ranking was Walmart's Great Value brand Fudge-Covered Peanut Butter Cookies. Attempting to mimic the Tagalong legacy, these chocolate and peanut butter knockoffs were pretty good, from taste to texture.

Why are Girl Scout Cookies so special? ›

People love Girl Scout cookies. Part of that is the taste; they are eminently edible, because they are cookies. Part of that is the nostalgia. They remind you of childhood, how you once were a Girl Scout, or knew a Girl Scout, or ate cookies.

What is the most loved Girl Scout cookie? ›

The best-selling Girl Scout Cookies are: Thin Mints® Caramel deLites®/Samoas®

What is the unhealthiest Girl Scout cookie? ›

Samoas: They're one of the classics on the menu and also the unhealthiest. While they are lower in calories (75 per cookie) than the Raspberry Rally, Samoas have 6 grams of sugar per cookie. Raspberry Rally: The latest addition to the Girl Scout menu is the second unhealthiest, with 80 calories per cookie.

Are Walmart Girl Scout cookies the same? ›

While these two cookies look the most different, they tasted the most similar. I ate several of these trying to pick out differences, but they are just so similar. That's a huge win for Great Value, though. These iconic Girl Scout cookies are so unique!

Where can I buy fake Girl Scout cookies? ›

Science has shown that both Aldi and Walmart offer superb knockoffs of our favorite Girl Scout cookies. Next time you get a hankering in June for a frozen Thin Mint, or crave the comfort of a fudge covered, peanut butter filled treat in November, you only have to go to Aldi or Walmart.

Are Aldi cookies the same as Girl Scout cookies? ›

While it can't be said for certain whether or not a big brand manufactures Aldi's cookies, there is one thing you can be sure of –- Aldi's in-house cookie brand, Benton, is selling all of your favorite Girl Scout-inspired cookie flavors for a fraction of the cost. Plus, they're available year-round.

What did Girl Scout Cookies cost in 1960? ›

1940s: Prices stayed pretty steady, with a dozen cookies costing around 25-30 cents. 1950s: A slight hike saw boxes going for 50-60 cents. 1960s: Reflecting rising costs, prices nudged up to 65-75 cents per box.

What is the new Girl Scout cookie for 2024? ›

The 2024 lineup includes classics such as Thin Mints®, Samoas®/Caramel deLites®, Peanut Butter Patties®/Tagalongs®, Adventurefuls® and other fan favorites. “When people buy Girl Scout Cookies, they're buying so much more than cookies.

How much were Girl Scout Cookies in the 80's? ›

According to a New York Times article about Girl Scout cookie sales in 1981, boxes were sold for around $1.50. "Each of the [...] independent Girl Scout Councils throughout the country, through which the cookies are ordered and distributed, collects 65 cents for every box it sells," the Times reported.

Which Girl Scout Cookies sell the least? ›

What is the least popular Girl Scout cookie? The lowest selling in councils that sell cookies from Little Brownie Baker would be Toffee-tastic the S'mores.

What is the oldest Girl Scout cookie? ›

In July 1922, Girl Scout national headquarters published an edition of The American Girl magazine for all Girl Scouts. The issue contained a recipe for a sugar cookie that could be baked and sold to raise funds for local councils. Thus, the simple sugar cookie was arguably the first true Girl Scout Cookie.

What is the healthiest Girl Scout cookie? ›

Shortbread and trefoils: They were the lowest in calories per cookie (30 and 32 calories, respectively), and lowest in saturated fat and added sugars. Thin mints: They have just 40 calories a cookie and only slightly more saturated fat and added sugars than No.

Why did the Girl Scout Cookies change? ›

Each Girl Scout council contracts with one of two licensed bakers, whose recipes and ingredients may differ slightly: ABC Bakers and Little Brownie Bakers. That's why some of our cookies look the same but have two different names.

How have Thin Mints changed over the years? ›

The different iterations were made by different licensed bakers. (There were 29 different licensed bakers in 1948). According to the Girl Scouts' historian, the Cooky-Mints name changed to Chocolate Mint to Thin Mint to Cookie Mint to Chocolate Mint to Thin Mints to Thin Mint and finally, back to the plural Thin Mints.

Why are some Girl Scout Cookies more expensive than others? ›

Most of the cookies are $5 per package, according to Gutkind. S'mores and gluten-free Toffee-tastic are $6 because there's a higher production cost due to the specialty ingredients. With that said, each of the 111 Girl Scout councils set its own prices.

Why are Thin Mints the best Girl Scout cookie? ›

Thin Mints are a popular choice for a reason. They melt in your mouth with the first bite and have a minty-chocolate flavor similar to an Andes chocolate mint. They're thin and have just the right amount of crunch. Pro tip: Eat one right after a garlicky meal to cleanse your palate.


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