Complete Cycle And Harmony - Chapter 3 - Herreraman - 僕のヒーローアカデミア | Boku no Hero Academia (2024)

Chapter Text

It has been a few days since Izuku came to the hotel of the Princess of Hell. During that time, Charlie showed him the other parts of the hotel, such as the kitchen, and introduced him to the one-eyed cat, whose name was Keekee, and the two flying creatures, who were called Razzle and Dazzle and were actually her bodyguards and helpers at her hotel, as she explained it to our protagonist with her fake smile. Heck, she even gave one of her older phones to him, thus allowing him to call her or any other resident of the place if she was not in the hotel and he needed help with something, which, of course, our protagonist was very, very grateful for. Izuku did the job Princess Charlie assigned him as well, checking and filling out documents, helping out Husk and Niffty with their jobs, with the former assisting him in mixing drinks and cleaning bottles, and the latter aiding her in cleaning the hotel, all the while trying to get used to his new life in Hell and at the Hazbin Hotel. In fact, on that particular night, that was the exact thing Izuku was doing.

At that moment, around 10:30 pm, our protagonist was findable inside his hotel room, wearing the pajamas he received from the Radio Demon and sitting at his desk, being almost done with the reading and the checking of documents that the Princess of Hell handed to him that late afternoon. Although there were not many documents, he didn't wish to fail the one who let him live at the hotel by not performing an excellent job. So he decided to check every single document with his full attention, not wanting to miss anything in them. It didn't matter to him how long it took him to finish his job. He wanted to show everyone at the hotel that he was not the useless brat his father called him who was not capable of doing his job with one hundred percent attention and didn't put any effort into it. He desired to showcase them, and especially, the Princess of Hell, that it was not a mistake for her to allow him to take shelter at her place of healing and he could help her in the managing of her hotel. And if it meant that he had to stay up late, he was ready to take the challenge.

Luckily for him, the checking of the documents came to an end at last, causing him to lean back in his chair and stretch out his arms into the air. Then, he stood up from his seat and decided to go to bed, wishing to get a good rest in order to be refreshed for the next day in his afterlife. But before he could accomplish that act, he wanted to have a glass of water before going to bed, not wishing to fall asleep while being not hydrated. So, after deciding what his next action would be, with his slippers on his feet, he proceeded to leave his guest room, opening the door and leaving it, closing the door behind his back, and attempting to head towards the kitchen in peace, acquiring bags under his eyes, showing the tiredness he obtained.

But as he got closer and closer to the kitchen area, his auditory organs picked up a strange sound. It sounded like…sobbing? And as Izuku listened to it, it seemed that it was coming out of the kitchen, the place he desired to go. So, after hearing the sound of sadness being released in its purest, most natural form, he decided to head to the kitchen at a tiny, tiny bit faster pace, desiring to know who was the person who was crying, hoping that he could help them and comfort them.

Just a few moments later he first heard the sound of crying and sobbing, he reached the entrance of the kitchen and grabbed the side of its wooden doorframe with both of his hands, peeking inside the room, letting him witness the one in the room. And when he performed this act, he was taken aback by what he saw. Or rather, whom.

Inside the kitchen, at the right side of the kitchen sink, which was at Izuku's left side from his perspective, the Princess of Hell was located, leaning on the kitchen counter with her arms, wearing her usual outfit, and not facing our protagonist and showing her back to him, crying quietly in the process, not being aware of her loud sobbing. And she was not alone. On the floor, at her left side, her demonic pet feline, Keekee, was accompanying her, observing her with her singular eye and a worried expression.

Why was she in the kitchen? Why was she up at this late hour? And most importantly, why was she crying? These were the questions that formed and occupied Izuku's mind at that moment as he observed the Princess of Hell in her saddened state, unsure if he should interrupt her current state and give her space or not. But he couldn't just leave her in the kitchen like that and pretend he didn't witness her down in the dumpster. He had to help her one way or another. And in order to do that, he had to reveal his presence to her. So, with this choice of action in his mind, he moved his jaw muscles and opened his mouth, beginning to speak.

"Charlie?" Izuku said in a worried tone as he repositioned his body and stood in the front door of the kitchen, revealing his presence to Princess Charlotte. Taken aback by the sudden speech, both Keekee and Charlie turned their heads around and placed their attention on our protagonist, allowing him to see their faces and the expressions they obtained. And when they did this, the moment our protagonist saw Charlie's face, the sadness he felt for her became even larger.

The gorgeous eyes of Princess Charlotte were teary, occupying big tears that were rolling down the red cheeks of her beautiful face. There was absolutely no sign of her smile, just sadness and gloominess in its purest form, resulting in Izuku turning so sad as if someone stabbed a huge knife right into his heart when he saw how hurt she was, thus making his desire to comfort her even bigger.

Seeing her newest employee in her vision, the Princess of Hell forced a smile on her face in an attempt to hide her gloominess away from Izuku, which was, of course, unsuccessful, unlocking her mouth and beginning to talk in the process.

"O-Oh, h-hi, Izuku." Princess Charlotte greeted our protagonist as she wiped her tears away with her right hand, proceeding to hide any evidence that suggested that she was in a gloomy mood, all the while having her fake, forced grin on her face that was supposed to showcase happiness and joy, but failed miserably, causing Izuku to acquire even more sadness and pain due to how desperately she tried to pretend that everything was okay and how much it hurt her to do this, "Why are you up so late? I thought you already fell asleep." she wondered.

"W-Well, I just finished checking the documents you gave me today, and I-I wanted to have a glass of water before I went to bed." our protagonist explained as he stepped inside the room and approached the Princess of Hell, observing her and her forced smile in the process.

"O-Oh, I-I see." Charlie replied, then continued "I-I know i-it sounds a b-bit o-off, but t-thank you for helping me with the documents, Izuku. I-I know i-it may n-not s-seem like it, b-but you r-really a-are helping me w-with y-your job." she stated, being genuinely grateful for the assist Izuku provided with his job.

"Y-Your w-welcome." Izuku responded, being surprised by the fact that after the many years of his existence, someone, aside from his mother when she was alive and the members of the Bakugo family, finally complimented him, but being taken out of this surprised state of his after he reminded himself to the emotional state his employer was in. Then, he walked up to the Princess of Hell and placed himself next to her, grabbing a glass and opening the faucet of the kitchen, filling it with water, all the while not being sure if he should ask her or not about her current emotional state due to not wishing to touch a subject that was personal to her and was possibly the reason she was like this in the first place, but deciding to do that anyway due to desiring to help her lose her saddened mood, "H-Hey, is everything alright, Charlie?" he wondered with a worried tone, beginning to drink his glass of water after this question of his left his mouth.

"Y-Yes, everything is f-fine." the Princess of Hell lied, trying to assure her newest employee that there was no problem, which, of course, was an obvious lie.

"A-Are you sure? B-Because your e-eyes say otherwise." Izuku pointed out as he put the glass down on the kitchen counter, revealing the cover Princess Charlotte used in order to hide her true emotional state at that moment, and removing it from her.

"Y-Yes, I-I'm sure." Charlie answered with her forced smile, continuing to lie to Izuku despite losing the cover she acquired, all the while Izuku just witnessed her with his eyes in quietness and the one-eyed hellish cat pet observed the whole interaction between the two in silence.

Why was she lying to him? Why didn't she tell him why she was sad? Was he not worthy to know the reason behind her gloomy behavior? Did she not desire for his aid? Or did she just not trust him? Truth be told, Izuku would have understood that if this was the case. After all, why would she trust in a useless brat like him who just arrived at her place of healing a few days ago and let him live there, even giving him a job just because he wanted to repay her for allowing him to reside at the hotel some way? As these ran through the mind of our protagonist, from the corner of his eyes, he noticed something. There was something in Charlie's right hand. At first, he didn't take out what it was, but after a bit more observation, he finally saw what it was. It was an eyepatch. An eyepatch that was made for people to wear at the location where their left eye was located and had a slay-grey coloration, acquiring a red-pink-colored 'X' shape on it.

Izuku was confused by the existence of the eyepatch. Why did Charlie have one? For what purpose she could even use it? She didn't possess any kind of injury or wound on either of her eyes, so there was no reason to obtain an eyepatch. But there had to be a reason. He had to know. Because, if there was a connection between her sadness and the eyepatch, maybe he could help Princess Charlotte and comfort her, thus making her gloomy attitude disappear and maybe, just maybe, allowing her to form a true smile on her face, not a forced one. So, with this plan of action in his head, he decided to open his mouth and began to speak.

"Y-You have an eyepatch?" our protagonist wondered, catching Princess Charlotte off guard with this question of his, resulting in her losing her forced grin.

"N-No, I d-don't!" Charlie protested, attempting to pretend that she didn't have an eyepatch at all.

"B-But you have one in your hands." Izuku stated, pointing at the eyepatch with his right index finger, "I-It looks very cool." he noted, finding the eyepatch genuinely great, "M-May I grab it?" our protagonist queried, beginning to extend his right hand in the direction of the eyepatch.

"Don't you dare touch it!" the Princess of Hell snapped with pure rage in her voice, surprising Izuku with this sudden behavior change of hers.

"W-What?" Izuku stuttered with afraidness, taken aback by Charlie's sudden anger.

"I said, don't you dare touch it!" Charlie declared, repeating her request with fury as the coloration of her eyes changed, turning her sclera bright red, her irises white-colored, and her pupils slit, surprising Izuku with this action.

"O-Okay, s-sorry." our protagonist apologised, feeling bad for making the Princess of Hell enraged.

"Why did you ask about it anyway!? Why do you care?!"the Princess of Hell queried, not losing her anger one bit as she partially transformed into her full demon form, protruding a pair of dark-reddish horns on the top of her head, all the while her hair began to move like it was blown by the wind, absolutely shocking and scaring our protagonist with this.

"W-Well, i-it's just, I h-heard y-you were c-crying and I-I thought I-I could h-help and c-comfort y-you." Izuku explained stammeringly, frightened by the appearance of Princess Charlotte.

"Comfortme?!" Charlie questioned furiously, "You have no idea what I've been through!" she noted, then continued, "How much pain and suffering have I gone through?!Do you know how it feels to lose a loved one?!" she inquired with rage as tears began to form and leave her eyes once again, rolling down on her cheeks after she finished her last sentence.

"I-I-I…" Izuku stuttered, not being able to make any other word leave his mouth.

"I don't need your help! I just…" Charlie started cryingly, then stopped in her speech and proceeded to take a deep breath, trying to calm herself down, all the while changing back into her casual form, losing her horns, changing the colors of her eyes back, and stopping the blowing of her hair, "I-I just n-need some p-privacy right n-now." she stated as she turned away from Izuku, wishing to be left alone at the moment.

"O-Okay." our protagonist replied in a stuttering manner, understanding the request of the Princess of Hell.

With this, Izuku turned around and proceeded to head towards the front door of the kitchen, all the while Charlie began to cry once again, this time, a bit louder. Due to this, and because of feeling bad for making her even sadder with his attempt to comfort her, before leaving the room, our protagonist took one last glance at Princess Charlotte, then left the kitchen, beginning his journey back to his guest room, crossing his arms and blaming himself for saddening the one who allowed him to live at the hotel even more, not being sure how to make up for his big mistake.

As he did this action, neither he nor the Princess of Hell noticed the presence of a certain cannibalistic serial killer, who heard the whole conversation between Charlie and Izuku, witnessing the latter leaving the area from the shadows with his well-known grin on his face.

Once reaching his hotel room, the newest employee of the Hazbin Hotel opened its door and entered it, closing the door behind his back and getting inside his bed, covering himself with his blanket and attempting to sleep. But he couldn't. The shame and regret he experienced for himself for making the one who allowed him to live at the hotel prevented him from doing so. He needed to make up for this enormous mistake. But he was uncertain to do that. He thought that due to making her feel so sad, Charlie would never forgive him. But even if she never forgave him, the last thing he could do was to apologise to her. So, with this in his mind, the tiredness that affected him got the better of him and made him shut his eyes, venturing into the realm of dreams.

The morning came sooner than expected. At least, that's what Izuku experienced. After he woke up from his slumber, he sat up in his bed and looked around his room, checking if there was anyone else aside from himself, all the while the happenings of the previous day and the images of his most recent dream began to flood his mind.

To his surprise, the strange dreams he had been experiencing since he was four years old didn't vanish, although beginning to appear after his first sleep in his afterlife, but took him aback with their continued existence nonetheless.

This time around, he dreamt that he was once again the city surrounded by the golden gates, walking around the city and amongst its citizens, who had halos above their heads and feathered wings on their backs and were smaller compared to him due to him being the tallest being around there, some of them using their wings to fly around the place, all of them saying 'hi' to him and looking at him with admiration and respect. Then, he met up with that tall woman once again, who was witnessing the construction of a new building that matched the style of the city at the moment and set her eyes upon him with a friendly smile on her face, delighted to see him. After this, as in the last scene of his dream, he was sitting at the top of a hill, being accompanied by the same tall woman, both of them observing the shining city from afar.

While he remembered back to his most recent dream, the headache that usually struck him after such dreams manifested, causing him to reach out for the small bottle of painkillers he was given by Charlie after his first slumber in Hell and was positioned next to the small lamp on the cabinet with his left hand, open it, and pour one of the pills into his other hand, consuming the medicine and making his pain vanish.

Then, he closed the bottle, put it back to its original location, got out of his bed, placed his green slippers on his feet, and started his morning routine by leaving his room and heading to the kitchen, wishing to make himself a meal. Once reaching the kitchen, the half-asleep and half-awoken Izuku walked up to one of the small closets that were positioned on the walls and opened it, taking a medium-sized bowl out of it and placing it on the kitchen counter.

After this, he went to the drawer that contained the silverware, pulled it out, grabbed a spoon, and put it next to the empty bowl, closing the drawer. Once he closed the drawer, Izuku moved to the fridge, pulled a bottle of milk out of it, and shut the door of the fridge, opening one of the other closets and took a box of cereal out of it, thus acquiring all the things he needed to create his breakfast. Then, he poured the cereal into the bowl and the milk on it, creating his morning dish and putting both the bottle of milk and the box of cereal back in their respective places. After this, he grabbed his bowl and spoon, went to the table that was findable in the kitchen, put the object in his hands on the table, and pulled out one of the chairs, descending down on it, grabbing his spoon with his right hand, and beginning to consume his cereal in silence.

Once finishing his breakfast, Izuku Midoriya stood up from the table, went to the kitchen sink, and put the bowl and the spoon into the kitchen sink, opening the tap and starting to clean the two objects. After cleaning them, drying them with a towel, and putting them back in their original places, Izuku proceeded to turn around, wishing to leave the kitchen and continue his morning routine by going back to his hotel room and getting a quick morning shower. But when he did that, he saw something he had never expected to witness.

He was not alone in the room. At the right side of the entrance of the kitchen, the Radio Demon was foundable, wearing his casual clothes and holding his vintage mic behind his back, looking through the newest employee of the hotel with his red eyes and his iconic wide grin, not even blinking.

Izuku got a bit jumped by this. How could he not notice him? Why was he in the kitchen? Why was he awake? Usually, since he was the doorman of the hotel, he was the one who woke up the earliest, wishing to open the hotel for the day, which was another task that the Princess of Hell requested him to do. But now, for some reason, Alastor was up as well, standing still next to the kitchen door and not moving even a single inch.

After shaking his surprise and his tiny bit of fright off of himself, Izuku proceeded to approach the Facility Manager of the Hazbin Hotel, opening his mouth and starting to speak in the process.

"Alastor?" Izuku Midoriya asked as he reached the location of the Radio Demon, wanting to get his attention.

But despite calling him by his name, the radio-loving Overlord didn't respond. In fact, he just continued to stand still, not even moving his eyes and setting his vision on him. After getting no response from him, Izuku decided to raise his right hand and extend it towards the Radio Demon, desiring to touch his body with his right index finger.

"Alastor?" Izuku repeated, poking the body of Alastor with his right index finger a few times gently, wishing to gain his attention and get a chance to ask why he was in the kitchen.

"Good morning, my dear!" the cannibalistic serial killer greeted with his well-known wide grin that made it impossible for everyone to see what he truly felt, setting his red eyes on the newest employee of the hotel and startling him with his sudden response.

"Ah!" Izuku screamed in fright as he pulled his right hand away from the radio-loving Overlord, jumping away from him a bit in scaredness, never expecting the Facility Manager of the rehabilitation center to speak up out of nowhere.

"Oh, my apologies, my dear friend! I didn't mean to scare you." Alastor apologised, bowing down a bit apologetically, "I've just felt a bit tired and I've decided to take a nap." he explained, confusing Izuku with this explanation.

"Inside the kitchen? With your eyes open?" Izuku Midoriya quizzed in confusion, never expecting this kind of answer from the Radio Demon.

"Of course!" the Radio Demon replied, then continued, "It is the most suitable way to give a little bit of scare to the residents! I can have a quick rest and entertain myself at the same time!" he remarked, with delight, never losing from the size of his grin, "You could say, I keep an 'eye' on everyone all the time!" he joked joyfully, laughing at his own joke in glee, with his laugh being followed by the laughter of an imaginary crowd that sounded like it was coming out of an old-fashioned radio.

"O-Oh, I-I see." Izuku stuttered in surprise, taken aback by the strange explanation of the one who took him to the hotel. Then, he lost his surprise and went back to his previous, gloomy behavior, still feeling bad about the argument he had with Princess Charlotte last night, which behavior didn't go unnoticed by the powerful Overlord in front of him.

"What's the matter, my friend? Still upset from the little argument of yours with the Princess?" Alastor queried with his well-known smile, surprising the newest employee of the Hazbin Hotel with this remark.

"Y-You know about that?" Izuku questioned in complete shock, fearing that he would be judged by Alastor for how he acted with Charlie last night.

"Indeed! In fact, I heard all of it!" the cannibalistic serial killer announced, shocking the doorman of the Hazbin Hotel even more, "And I have to say, it was quite entertaining to listen to. The raw rage in her voice, your desperate attempts to explain yourself and your intentions to her, and the devastating outcome! Truly marvelous!" he noted in happiness, finding the whole thing truly enjoyable, making Izuku feel even worse and get a taste of the very thing the Radio Demon found enjoyment in, which, once again, didn't go under the radar of the Facility Manager of the hotel, "Do not fret, my dear friend! I can assure you, the Princess doesn't feel hatred towards you just because you two had an argument." Alastor assured, putting his right hand on the left shoulder of the newest employee of the rehabilitation center and attempting to cheer him up.

"Y-You really think so?" Izuku asked with uncertainty, not being sure about the statement of the radio-loving Overlord.

"Of course! It takes someone quite the talent and effort to get on the Princess's bad side!" Alastor stated, then went on with his speech, "In fact, as far as I'm concerned, no one in the hotel has managed to acquire that accomplishment!" he declared, with his iconic grin never vanishing from existence, "So, don't worry, my dear friend, you won't be the very first one to obtain that status neither." the cannibalistic serial killer stated, assuring our protagonist.

"T-Thanks, Alastor." Izuku remercied as he formed a small smile on his face from the kindness of the Radio Demon, appreciating his efforts of cheering him up.

"Anytime, my dear." Alastor replied as he removed his right hand from Izuku's left shoulder and positioned it behind his back, assuring the doorman of the hotel that he was always there for him if he needed help or he needed to get something off of his chest.

"A-Anyway, after I'm done with everything, I plan to make coffee for everyone. Do you want one too?" Izuku Midoriya asked the radio-loving Overlord, wishing to know if he desired a cup of coffee.

That's right. Ever since Izuku joined the main cast, he had been making coffee for them every morning, with this being the second reason why he was the one who usually got up from his slumber first aside from him being the doorman of the hotel and having the task of opening the entrance of the rehabilitation center. But he did this not because the Princess of Hell, Alastor, Angel, or anyone else in the hotel requested him to do so. He did this all because of him being very, very grateful for Charlie and the others letting him join them and live with them under one roof. And because of this, he thought of giving everyone some morning coffee as a nice gesture, with the anthropomorphic being the only one in the hotel who received alcohol instead of coffee due to liking booze more than the caffeine drink, thus presenting his gratefulness towards them, especially Charlie.

As he reminded himself of this, the Facility Manager of the Hazbin Hotel placed his right index finger under his chin, beginning to think of what type of coffee he should have.

"Hm…" Alastor hummed thoughtfully, "A black one would suffice." he replied, giving his request to Izuku.

"Got it." the doorman of the hotel answered, understanding what kind of coffee the Radio Demon asked from him, "I'll just get dressed and I'll do them right away." he declared, then walked out of the kitchen and walked through the hallway, wishing to get back to his hotel

"Take your time, my dear friend, take your time." the Radio Demon remarked as he moved into the entrance of the kitchen, turning his head in the direction the newest employee of the hotel went, observing our protagonist as he got further away from his location, morphing an evil smile on his face, knowing that with this small cheer-up, he got one step closer earning Izuku's full trust.

After walking for a few minutes, the doorman of the Hazbin Hotel got back to his room, entered it, and closed the door behind his back, continuing his morning routine by having a quick morning shower, brushing his teeth, and getting dressed into the doorman uniform he received from the cannibalistic serial killer, leaving his room once again and beginning his journey towards the lobby.

One or two minutes flew by, and he arrived at the lobby area of the rehabilitation center, allowing him to take a glimpse of the situation that was unfolding there. The lobby was completely empty, not having a single soul in it, with the only living, breathing being in the room being Keekee, the pet feline of the Princess of Hell, who was lying on one of the sofas and was sleeping peacefully, not being bothered by anything.

As he observed the lobby, Izuku walked forward and entered the room, moving towards the slumbering cat, wishing to wake her up from her sleep in order to enable himself to open the front door of the hotel. Hearing the sound of footsteps approaching her location with each passing second, the one-eyed, black-furred feline woke up from her slumber, opening her singular eye and setting her vision on our protagonist, who, by that point, had reached her location, extending his right hand towards her and placing his right hand on the top of her head, scratching her head softly, which Keekee really enjoyed.

After petting the demonic cat gently, Izuku Midoriya headed in the direction of the entrance of the rehabilitation center, with Keekee jumping off from the sofa and following him, knowing what kind of action he wished to perform. Once reaching the entrance, Izuku focused his attention on the hellish feline, asking her to change into her small, black-colored key, so he could open the two front doors of the hotel, thus allowing any sinner who was interested in the Hazbin Hotel and in the idea of redemption to get inside.

At first, Keekee didn't want to become a key, but Izuku promised her he would give her favourite food as her breakfast, which was enough to convince the one-eyed cat to accomplish the task the doorman of the hotel requested him to do, flying into the air and transforming into her black key form with a small poof of red smoke, landing in the palm of Izuku's right hand, letting him put her into the keyhole and turn her, thus unlocking the main entrance of the hotel.

Then, she removed the feline in her key form from the keyhole, went to the second front door, and repeated the same action at it as well, allowing her to change back into her true cat form and land next to our protagonist once he opened the second entrance of the hotel. After this, the duo decided to head in the direction of the kitchen, which they reached in a matter of a few minutes. Once he got to the kitchen, which was inhabited by no one, meaning that the Radio Demon left the room shortly after he had a conversation with the doorman of the Hazbin Hotel, stepping inside it, Izuku moved to one of the closets on the wall and opened it, taking a can of cat food out of it, closing the door of the closet, unlocking the can, and pouring it into the demonic cat's feeding bowl, allowing her to begin to consume her morning meal.

As the pet of the Princess of Hell started to eat her breakfast, Izuku walked to another small closet and opened it, revealing the coffee mugs of every resident of the Hazbin Hotel inside it, each one having their own distinctive appearance, with Charlie's mug acquiring the same color as her beautiful skin and obtaining red-colored musical notes, Alastor's mug having a red-coloration and having the title 'Oh Deer' on it with black letters, Angel's mug obtaining a white coloration with pink-colored spider web patterns on it, Husk's mug acquiring an orange coloration with the title 'f*ck Mondays' on its side, and Niffty's mug having a light red-colored mug with tiny bugs painted on it as decoration.

Once he removed all the mugs from the closet, placed them on the kitchen counter, and closed the closet, Izuku moved to the coffee maker, activated it, and began to create the caffeine-filled drinks, all the while taking the bottle of alcoholic beverage the bartender of the hotel usually drank as a morning drink out of the fridge, opening the bottle, and filling the anthropomorphic cat sinner with the contains of the bottle into the orange-colored mug, thus completing the task of making Husk's morning drink.

As he created the drink for the bartender, the coffee maker fully made the caffeine drinks, causing Izuku to grab the coffee maker and pour the coffee into the mugs that were empty, thus accomplishing the action he wished to do. But despite making the coffee he couldn't serve them for one single reason. He was not done preparing everything yet. He desired to do something that could show Princess Charlotte that he was sorry for the argument they had and for making her feel even more sad than she was when he found her in the kitchen the previous night. At first, he didn't know what kind of action would prove to her that he felt bad for making her sadder, but as he thought this, the idea of preparing her breakfast, which was cereal, for her, thus helping her and showing both his gratefulness for letting him stay at her hotel and his regret for causing her to be down in the dumpster.

So, with this idea in his mind, he began to make Charlie's cereal, repeating all the same activities he performed when he made his own morning meal. Once done creating the cereal, he pulled a tray out of one of the closets and put all the mugs and the bowl that had the breakfast of the Princess of Hell in it on it, putting the spoon he chose for Charlie to use to eat her breakfast and grabbing the tray with his hands, heading towards the exit of

By the time he was done preparing everything, the feline pet of Princess Charlotte had finished consuming her morning dish, setting her singular eye on the doorman of the rehabilitation center and joining him, leaving the kitchen with him. Once stepping out of the room, with Keekee by his side, Izuku Midoriya began his journey in the direction of the room of the Princess of Hell, wishing to give her the mug of coffee and breakfast he prepared for her first and desiring to apologise to her.

After a few minutes of walking, the duo consisting of the doorman of the Hazbin Hotel and the one-eyed hellish cat reached the entrance of the room of the Princess of Hell, arriving at the dark red-colored, wooden, double front door of her room. And with his arrival, Izuku took a deep breath and sighed, preparing himself for her next encounter with Princess Charlotte and hoping that she would forgive him, or at the very least would listen to him and allow him to tell her he was sorry for the argument. And thus, he moved his right hand to the door and knocked on it a few times, signaling his presence to the Princess of Hell and his intention of wishing to enter her room.

"Come on in!" Charlie said from her room, giving Izuku permission to step inside her room.

Hearing her reply, the newest employee of the hotel grabbed the handle of the door that was at his right side and pushed it downwards, unlocking the door and allowing both him and Keekee to put their heads into the room and peek inside, earning a glimpse of the action Princess Charlotte was doing inside.

Inside the room, which had a regal look and acquired large windows, letting anyone have a great view at the capital city of Hell if they desired to, in the large bed that was foundable on the right side, the Princess of Hell was located, sitting in it and acquiring her blanket over the lower part of her body, having her long, gorgeous blonde hair in a messy state and wearing her pajamas, being accompanied by her two flying little demonic bodyguards, with all three of them looking in the direction of the entrance of the room, setting their eyes upon the duo.

Once witnessing that Princess Charlotte was in her bed, the doorman of the rehabilitation center moved his jaw muscles and opened his mouth, proceeding to speak.

"G-Good morning, Charlie!" Izuku greeted as he fully opened the door, allowing him and the one-eyed hellish feline to step inside the room, with the latter beginning to run in the direction of her owner in the mixture of delight and excitement.

"Good morning, Izuku!" Charlie said with a tiny smile on her face as she released a yawn from her mouth, signaling our protagonist that she woke from her slumber not long ago, "Have you slept well?" she queried as Keekee climbed up to the bed and sat on her owner's lap, snuggling to her body and purring in joy, resulting in Charlie starting to gently pet the head of her pet cat.

"Y-Yes, yes I d-did." the doorman of the Hazbin Hotel responded as he got to his employer, stopping at her bed and assuring her employer that he was well-rested.

"I'm happy to hear that." the Princess of Hell remarked, glad to hear that her newest employee could get a rest.

"T-Thank you." Izuku remercied, then focused his attention on the bowl of cereal that he had made for her and which was on the tray he was holding with both hands alongside the many mugs that had coffee inside them, "I-I made cereal for y-you as your breakfast so y-you could get ready for the day much faster." he stated as he grabbed the bowl of cereal with his right hand and extended his right hand towards Charlie, offering her a chance to take it out of his hand and taking her aback with his statement.

"Aw, thank you, Izuku, you shouldn't have to!" Princess Charlotte replied in glee and in surprise, genuinely appreciating the kind gesture of our protagonist, moving her left hand towards the bowl and taking the bowl out of Izuku's hand. Then, she touched the spoon that was in the bowl with her right hand and gathered a bit of milk and a few pieces of cereal into it, removing the spoon from the bowl and putting the spoon into her mouth, proceeding to chew the pieces of cereal with her teeth and tasting it. And when she did this, she was taken aback in surprise when she felt how good the food tasted, causing her to swallow the cereal in her mouth and praise her newest employee for his work.

"Izuku, this is delicious!" Charlie complimented, finding the meal Izuku made for her very good.

"T-Thanks, Charlie." Izuku thanked, relieved to hear that the Princess of Hell found the breakfast he made for her tasty, "A-Also, I made coffee for you. W-Where can I put it?" he wondered, referring to the mug of coffee he prepared for her.

"Just put it on the cabinet." Princess Charlotte suggested, referring to the cabinet that was at the right side of the bed, "I'll drink it later." she stated, then went on consuming the bowl of cereal the doorman of the Hazbin Hotel created for her.

"O-Okay." our protagonist answered, understanding what his employer told him.

After this, Izuku circumvented the large bed of the Princess of Hell and approached the cabinet, grabbing Charlie's coffee mug and positioning it between the lamp and the red-covered book, which had the title 'The History of Hell' on it, that were on the cabinet. But as he placed the mug on the furniture Charlie asked him to put it, his vision noticed that the lamp and the book were not the only things on the only objects on the cabinet.

On the left side of the lamp, the same eyepatch that Princess Charlotte was holding the previous night was located, positioned on a large red-colored hairbow, which had small tears on each side and two long tails, both of the objects being in front of a picture that showcased the Princess of Hell and a demon woman hugging each other, both of them looking in the direction the camera that created the picture was and being happy, with Charlie having a joyful smile that was definitely not a fake one, instead, a real gleeful grin.

The female damned soul was shorter than Charlie and acquired a slim body, obtaining a moth-based look and grayish-lavender skin, having black lips and sharp teeth in her mouth. She had knee-length grayish-white hair with faded-purple tips and long jagged bangs, wearing the same hairbow that was on the cabinet in her hair.

The female sinner's right eye acquired a light pink sclera and an ivory iris, while her left eye was covered by the same eyepatch that the Princess of Hell was holding in her hands the previous night, meaning that both the hairbow and the eyepatch belonged to her. Her attire consisted of a blouse that acquired the same coloration as her bow and the 'X' shape on her eyepatch, a dark gray Peter-pan collar around her neck, dark gray trimming on the sleeves, and two dark gray buttons down the front. She also sported a choker and a mini skirt with a thick pale pink waistband hugging her waist, both colored in the same dark gray. The final parts of her clothing consisted of a set of fingerless slate-gray opera gloves with matching thigh-high stockings, which included white scallops at the cuff and toes.

As Izuku observed the picture with his eyes, being a bit surprised but delighted at the same time by seeing his employer smile truly on the picture, he couldn't help but witness the lavender-skinned woman with confusion. Who was she? Was she the reason why Princess Charlotte was sad? Did something bad happen to her that made Charlie feel upset and caused her to acquire a fake smile and prevent her from smiling genuinely? If that was the case, she had to ask her about her, wishing to help her. But he thought that it was too personal for Charlie and feared it might lead to making her even sadder and resulting in her obtaining hatred for him, which he didn't desire. But despite all of this, he knew he had to talk about the topic at some level due to wanting to apologise to her for the argument they had the previous night. So, with this in his mind, he decided to focus his attention on the Princess of Hell and open his mouth, beginning to speak.

"C-Charlie, a-about last night…" Izuku started anxiously as he held the tray with his hands, resulting in Charlie setting her eyes upon him and stopping in the eating of her breakfast and morphing a bit serious expression on her face, "I-I didn't mean to make you sad. I-I just saw y-you were upset and I-I thought I could h-help and c-comfort you." he explained, clarifying his original intentions to her, "I-I understand if y-you're angry at m-me or you h-hate me for making you feel u-upset. A-And if there's anything I-I can do for you to forgive me, j-just let me know and I-I'll do it right away." he stuttered with anxiety, worrying for the response of his employer, who formed a tiny smile on her face by hearing her newest employee.

"Izuku, listen." Charlie started, " I know you just tried to help, and I really appreciate it." she said, then continued, "And don't worry, I'm not angry at you. I was just in a bad mood, and I was not thinking straight" the Princess of Hell assured, "But you don't need to help me with this. I can handle it, okay?" the Princess of Hell stated with a small, fake smile on her face, trying to calm Izuku down with the fact that he didn't need to spend his time by attempting to help her with her mental problem, all the while Razzle, Dazzle, and Keekee witnessed the whole conversation in silence.

She truly appreciated the fact that her newest employee desired to aid her beyond him working at her place of healing, but she didn't want him to comfort her. Furthermore, she wanted no one in the hotel to try to help her with this personal issue of hers. Not because she thought they were incompetent and couldn't even do that. Quite far from it. She knew that her friends were able to help her. But she didn't want to make them spend most of their time worrying about her well-being. She wanted to appear to them in a manner that indicated to them that there was nothing wrong and everything was fine with her, with her fake smile being one of the main tools she used for this purpose.

But despite all of this, she could not fool our protagonist. He recognised that despite her assuring words and the kind grin on her face, her smile was fake and she was still a bit angry at him for getting a bit into a topic that was very personal for her. But behind that fake smile and that little bit of anger, our protagonist saw true sadness inside her, desperately screaming for the help of anyone who could comfort her. And he couldn't bear seeing that. It just hurt him so much seeing such a kind soul attempting to hide her pain just to appear strong and not make her friends worry for her. When he was alive, he couldn't help himself and couldn't stand up against his cruel mafia boss father because he was too weak. But he could never allow himself not to help the one who offered a place to stay by without ever seeing him before. After all, if he did that, he would be the same, pathetic, useless brat who couldn't do anything right and was a coward, just like his father told him all the time. So, after seeing her fake smile, Izuku decided to aid Charlie in whatever activity she needed, being eager to make her smile genuinely once again, not caring about how hard this could turn out to be at all. All he cared about was to make her smile truthfully and be truly happy.

As he made this decision in his head, he remembered that he still had a question he had to answer for the Princess of Hell, making him move his jaw muscles and unlock his mouth, proceeding to speak.

"O-Okay." the doorman of the place of healing of Princess Charlotte replied, understanding the statement of the Princess of Hell.

"Good." Charlie answered, glad to see that Izuku was eager to go along with her request "I'll meet you in the lobby after I'm done with everything. Then, you can give the documents to me and we can discuss what you're going to do today." she stated, then went on with her speech, "Until then, you're free to do whatever you want, alright?" the Princess of Hell suggested, wanting her newest employee to rest a bit before he would start working that day.

"A-Alright." our protagonist responded, agreeing to do as his employer asked him to do.

With this, and with the tray that had the remaining mugs on it in his hands, Izuku Midoriya proceeded to go in the direction of the entrance of the room that belonged to Princess Charlotte and left it by stepping through the door, closing the door behind his back and leaving Charlie, her demonic pet cat, and her two tiny, flying bodyguards in the room, with Izuku still feeling bad for making the Princess of Hell sad the previous night and not forgetting the promise he made for her, and with Charlie acquiring gloominess after the doorman of her hotel left, becoming sad as she thought back to the very event that caused her act like this, resulting in her hellish pet feline snuggling to her in an attempt to comfort her, which she appreciated.

Once exiting the hotel room of Princess Charlotte with the tray full of coffee mugs, Izuku proceeded to go through the hallway he used to get to Charlie's room, wishing to serve the morning drink of the Radio Demon and the rest of the residents. After reaching the hotel room of the Facility Manager of the Hazbin Hotel and entering it, Izuku was taken aback by the scene of Alastor eating the raw, fresh corpse of a deer as his breakfast, being disgusted by the whole thing, but served his black coffee for him nonetheless, which the radio-loving Overlord remercied in his usual manner. Then, the doorman of the hotel left the cannibalistic serial killer's room and headed in the direction of the lobby once again, desiring to give the rest of the morning drinks to the sinners he prepared them for, reaching the lobby area of the rehabilitation center in a matter of minutes and stepping inside it, allowing him to set his eyes upon the room.

Instead of having no soul in it, the lobby was inhabited by the three remaining members of the main cast, with the co*ckroach-based female sinner cleaning the furniture in the parlor area and the most famous gay p*rnstar of Hell sitting at the Caviar Bar, talking to the anthropomorphic cat demon and flirting with him, which the bartender of the hotel just ignored with his causal bored expression, polishing a bottle of alcoholic beverage with a red handkerchief, all three demons wearing their usual outfits on their bodies.

Seeing the rest of the residents of the place of healing, Izuku Midoriya approached Niffty and said 'hi' to her, handing the coffee he made for her to her, which she appreciated, stopping in the action she was doing and beginning to drink her morning coffee. Then, our protagonist proceeded to walk up to the two other damned souls in the room, opening his mouth and starting to speak in the process.

"Good morning, Angel! Good morning, Husk!" the doorman of the hotel greeted with a small smile on his face as he reached the location of the duo, drawing the attention of the two demons on him.

"Mornin', Toots!" Angel greeted, setting his eyes upon Izuku.

"Morning." Husk said grumpily, not having the mood to listen to the constant flirting of the spider-like male demon.

"I made some coffee for you." Izuku stated as he extended both of his hands and moved the tray he was holding towards them, offering them a chance to grab their own respective mugs, "Oh, and Husk, I put your favourite drink into your mug. I hope you like it." he stated. hoping that the two sinners wouldn't mind his nice gesture.

"Thanks, Toots!" the gay p*rnstar remercied, taking his mug off of the tray with his right upper hand and beginning to consume his morning drink.

"Thanks." the bartender of the hotel thanked grumpily as he grabbed his own coffee mug and started to drink the booze in it, although glad to have something to drink and the newest employee of the rehabilitation center kind gesture.

After giving the two last mugs to their respective owners, Izuku Midoriya sat down on the bar chair that was positioned on the right side of the spider-based male demon, put the tray on the bar counter, and moved it aside, allowing him to lean on the bar counter with both of his arms and cross them, burying his face into them and releasing a defeated sign out of his mouth due to still feeling bad for upsetting Charlie with the argument they had the previous night, thus drawing the attention of the two damned souls near him on him once again.

"What's the matter, Toots? Stayin' up late watchin' p*rn?" Angel joked with a smug as he elbowed on the counter with his upper left arm and rested his head in the palm of his left upper hand, observing our protagonist in the process, " I hope ya watched one o' mine~." he teased, his remarks getting ignored by the doorman of the Hazbin Hotel.

"Angel, what do you do when you accidentally make someone upset and you want to make up for it?" Izuku inquired, not looking at the gay p*rnstar as he said this.

"I usually suck their dicks and let 'em f*ck me, for a bit of cash of course." the gay p*rnstar said, thinking back to the many clients he had throughout his whole afterlife, "Why do ya ask? Ya want me to suck yours~?" he wondered in a flirtatious tone, causing our protagonist to look up from his crossed arms and observe the spider-like male sinner with a tired face.

"No, and I told you, I don't swing that way." the doorman of the Hazbin Hotel reminded the demon next to him of the statement he made on the day he arrived at the hotel, then, he moved his vision to the counter, obtaining a gloomy expression on his face, "It's just that, last night, I found Charlie crying all by herself in the kitchen." he stated, then continued, "I tried to comfort and asked her what's wrong, but when I mentioned her the eyepatch she was holding, she became angry at me and shouted at me, saying that she didn't need my help." Izuku explained, becoming sadder with each passing second, "And this morning, I apologised to her and I told her I didn't mean to make her upset. She said she's not mad at me, but I can't help but feel that she's still angry at me because of our fight." he "She must hate me now." our protagonist remarked with pure gloominess, thinking that there was no way he could make up for his grave mistake.

"Oh, right, ya just came to Hell a few days ago. Ya don't know about it." Angel commented as he obtained a worried expression, making Izuku look at him and gain a confused expression.

"About what?" the newest employee of the hotel quizzed in confusion.

"Ya said she had an eyepatch in her hands yesterday night, right?" the spider-like demon asked.

"Yes?" the doorman of the Hazbin Hotel replied.

"Well, that's not hers." the gay p*rnstar declared, "That eyepatch actually belonged to her ex-girlfriend." he clarified, absolutely shocking Izuku.

"...W-What?" our protagonist queried in shock, completely taken aback by this statement.

"Yeah, she died around a year ago during an Extermination while she tried to protect Dollface." Angel revealed a tiny bit gloomily as he took another sip from his coffee, feeling bad for Charlie and the situation she was in, all the while Izuku just listened to what he said in silence, still under the influence of the shock he experienced from the reveal that the spider-based damned soul told him.

It all made sense for him now. The woman who Charlie was in the picture with and was hugging in the picture was her girlfriend, with her tragic passing and absence being the mere reason why the Princess of Hell was crying in the kitchen the previous night. She was still mourning. Moreover, she probably kept her girlfriend's hairbow and eyepatch as mementos to never forget her, and she had that fake smile on her face to make her friends not worry about her mental health. And Izuku asked her about such a very sensitive, personal topic without knowing any kind of background knowledge about the situation she was in, causing him to feel disgust towards himself for asking her about this kind of topic without knowing anything regarding it.

But at the same time, he sympathized with her. He knew exactly how it felt to lose someone you loved with all of your heart and knew you couldn't see them ever again. Of course, since his mother was dead and perished before him, there was a chance that they could meet once again, but Izuku thought that his mother definitely was in Heaven thanks to her being the kindest person he had ever known in his entire existence, and him thinking that he didn't deserve to get to the heavenly realm due to him being a failure and a useless brat, just like his father told him when he was alive, thus rendering them reuniting seemingly impossible. Nevertheless, after getting to know that both he and Princess Charlotte shared the same type of pain, his desire to help her become truly happy and smile delightfully increased, thinking that it was the least he could do after unintentionally upsetting her.

As he thought about this, the doorman of the Hazbin Hotel moved his jaw muscles and opened his mouth, proceeding to speak.

"A-And h-how do you k-know about this?" Izuku stuttered, still a bit taken aback by such a crucial reveal.

"On my first night here, I found 'er cryin' in the kitchen, just like ya. I wanted to help 'er, but she lashed out, saying that she didn't need my help." Angel stated, then went on with his speech, "The next mornin', she apologised and explained 'er situation to me, and asked not to worry about 'er and there was no problem with 'er. But, to be honest, she doesn't hide it very well." he noted, drinking the last gulp from his morning coffee, thus finishing it and putting his mug on the bar counter.

"O-Oh, I-I see." the newest employee of the hotel responded in surprise, not expecting such a similar story from the gay p*rnstar, "A-And did you about this, Husk?" he asked from the bartender of the hotel, both him and Angel setting their eyes upon him.

"Yeah." Husk answered bluntly, finishing the morning alcoholic drink Izuku Midoriya prepared for him and grabbing a wine glass, polishing it with the same red handkerchief from before.

"H-How?" our protagonist questioned.

"Trust me, when you're a bartender, you're gonna see a lot of sh*t and meet all kinds of motherf*ckers." the anthropomorphic cat damned soul remarked grumpily, then continued, "It wouldn't have been hard not even for a f*ckin' blind person to see through her disguise." he noted, going back to doing the activity he started a few seconds ago.

"Fair enough." the doorman of the rehabilitation center replied.

"I know about it, too!" Niffty declared as she walked up to the group, holding her coffee mug full of coffee in her tiny black hands, causing Izuku to focus his attention on her.

"But trust me, Toots, just because ya made 'er upset, it doesn't mean she hates ya." Angel assured, trying to cheer the newest employee of the hotel up.

"D-Do you really think so?" our protagonist asked, not feeling sure about the remark of the spider-like male sinner, "I mean, I did make her sad." he said sadly.

"Yeah, sure, ya got her f*cked up, but I did too and she doesn't hate me for that." the spider-based male demon declared, wishing to make the newest resident of the hotel not feel bad about the recent argument he had with Charlie.

"I-I don't know." Izuku answered with uncertainty, not losing his gloominess, resulting in Angel losing his patience for Izuku's melancholy.

"Okay, I can't stand this f*ckin' gloominess anymore! We need to cheer ya up." the gay p*rnstar announced, having enough of our protagonist's sadness, "And I exactly know how." he stated, confusing the person on his right side.

"W-What do you mean?" Izuku Midoriya quizzed with confusion, not knowing what Angel meant by attempting to cheer him up. The gay p*rnstar was about to tell him what he meant by his previous statement, however, he was interrupted in this act by a demon exclaiming behind him.

"Izuku!" someone with a familiar voice rang out behind Izuku, Angel, and Niffty, causing everyone in the lobby to set their eyes upon the one who made the exclamation, allowing them to witness the Princess of Hell herself, standing at the entrance of the hallway she left, wearing her casual attire and having a fake smile on her face, being accompanied by Keekee, Razzle, and, Dazzle, and being in the lobby due to desiring to discuss what she planned for Izuku to do that day, just like she said when he brought her breakfast for her.

After seeing Charlie in the lobby area of the hotel, Angel focused his attention on the doorman of the hotel once again, starting to talk to him.

"Meet me at the entrance after ya are done with yer work." the spider-like male damned soul requested, "Then, I'll fill ya in with the details."

"O-Okay." Izuku replied, going along with what the sinner next to him advised him to do, although still not being sure about what kind of activity Angel planned to do.

With this, the doorman of the Hazbin Hotel got off of his seat, left the spider-based male sinner's side, and walked up to Princess Charlotte, beginning to discuss what kind of work he would perform on that day and starting his shift.

The rest of the day passed by relatively fast. During most of the day, after handing the documents he filled in the previous night over to Charlie, Izuku spent his time helping the housekeeper of the rehabilitation center clean the lobby and the rooms of the hotel, sweeping the floor, and dusting the furniture, aiding Husk in the cleaning of the bottles of alcoholic beverages, and with the Princess of Hell, even attempting to persuade the Radio Demon to create an advertisem*nt for the hotel, which Alastor didn't like at first, but went along with it due to all the while Izuku not being certain about what exactly Angel meant about cheering him up.

In the late afternoon of the day, once his shift ended, and informed his employer that he would hang out with the gay p*rnstar, which Charlie was ecstatic to hear due to him finally getting a bit more social towards the other residents of the establishment since his arrival at the hotel aside from him speaking to them and chatting with from time to time, Izuku went back to the lobby area of the hotel and laid his eyes upon on it, allowing him to witness that the room was not empty, with Husk still being behind the bar counter of the Caviar Bar, passing the time by drinking a bottle of alcohol, and with Angel Dust standing at one of the two entrances of the rehabilitation center, holding his phone in his left upper hand, observing it, and typing something on it, possibly texting with someone as he was waiting for our protagonist.

Seeing the spider-based male demon at the door, Izuku moved his legs and approached the gay p*rnstar, resulting in him shifting his attention from his electronic device and placing his focus on the one he was waiting for.

"Are ya ready, Toots?" Angel inquired as he put his phone inside his pocket, obtaining a smirk on his face while Izuku reached his location.

"Y-Yeah." the doorman of the hotel responded, assuring the demon in front of him that he was ready to do what he planned for them.

"Good." the spider-like male damned soul replied, glad to hear that the newest employee of the rehabilitation center was eager to go along with the activity he planned for them.

With this, Angel Dust turned his body towards the main entrance of the Hazbin Hotel, grabbed the handle of one of the doors of the double door, and pushed it downwards, unlocking the door and allowing him and Izuku to leave the building. Then, he opened the door wide enough to let both him and our protagonist exit the hotel and step outside, with Izuku following him closely and closing the door behind his back once he was out of the building as well.

Then, our duo left the territory of the Hazbin Hotel and entered the streets of the capital city of the realm of suffering, walking on the pathway in silence, with Angel leading the way due to him being the one who knew the location of the place they were heading to, and passing by numerous buildings, such as bars, clubs, casinos, and strip clubs, each of these building types being entered and exited by countless amounts of sinners, with some of them getting kicked out of the buildings and being thrown into the streets, each of the damned souls having their own distinctive appearances. As they went on with their journey, Izuku attempted to break the silence with a simple question, desiring to know the answer to that question since the gay p*rnstar had invited him to hang out with him.

"S-So, where are we going exactly?" the doorman of the place of healing of Princess Charlotte asked with uncertainty, wishing to know where they were going exactly.

"To the best f*ckin' place in all of Hell." the spider-like male sinner declared, then continued, "But before that, we need to recruit one more person." he clarified with a smirk on his face, confusing our protagonist even more.

"W-Who exactly?" Izuku quizzed in confusion.

"You'll see." Angel responded simply, increasing the confusion in the doorman of the Hazbin Hotel and ending their short conversation, continuing their way in the direction of the location they were heading to in quietness.

They continued to walk in the streets of Pentagram City like this for half an hour, until out of nowhere, from an alleyway, which was foundable at the left side of the pathway the duo was on, and was near them, a giant explosion was released, its large, pinkish, reddish smoke escaping from the entrance of the alleyway, startling Izuku with its loud noise and sudden occurrence, and making the famous gay p*rnstar gain a grin on his face, already knowing who was the culprit behind the explosion.

Shortly after the explosion occurred, two male sinners ran out of the alleyway in panic, desiring to get away from the place as fast as possible.

"That's right, f*ckers!" someone with a feminine voice and an Australian accent shouted from the alleyway, "Don't f*ck around my side of town ever again!" the sinner warned as they stepped out the alleyway, obtaining a smirk and revealing their look to our duo.

The demon was a female, cyclops-like one with a slender yet curvy figure, white skin, and a singular eye that possessed an X-shaped light yellow pupil and a Sunkist-coral sclera. She sported freckle-like spots on her skin and long, strawberry blonde-pink hair with blonde accents, being kept in a high half-ponytail by a black ponytail holder. Her mouth featured black lips and sharp pale yellow teeth inside, with her makeup including a large amount of mascara and eyeliner, and having several coral designs of bombs, explosions, and swirled lines tattoed on her right arm.

Her attire consisted of a one-shouldered black bra which she wore under a similarly designed pinkish-red torn crop top with four pale yellow spots around the black X located on the left, and a set of severely ripped black leggings under a torn miniskirt that sported the same color scheme and style as her top. She was also wearing shoes that were both colored in a pinkish-red but differing in type, with the shoe on her right foot being a simple-pointed flat, while the shoe on her left foot being a heeled cowboy-like boot with a multi-pointed off-white star on it. As the final part of her clothing, she obtained two different sets of fingerless Sunkist coral gloves, with the glove on her right hand being a regular-length one, and the glove on her left hand being an arm-length, black-trimmed one.

As Izuku observed the female damned soul with his eyes, thinking that she was quite pretty, the gay p*rnstar opened his mouth, beginning to speak.

"Cherri Bomb!" Angel exclaimed, referring to the female sinner as 'Cherri Bomb', gaining her attention and making her turn her head in the direction of our duo.

"Angie!" Cherri exclaimed with a broad smile on her face, delighted to see her best friend again, "Sorry for makin' ya waitin', but those motherf*ckers tried to invade my turf, so I had to teach 'em a little lesson." she explained, forming her left hand into a fist and placing into her right palm, cracking her knuckle.

"If those f*cker's show up again, call me." the gay p*rnstar requested with a smirk on his face, eager to help his best friend in need.

"You know I will." the one-eyed female damned soul told her best friend as she lowered her hands, assuring him that she would inform him if she needed his help, "So, who's that special someone that needs to be cheered up?" she inquired from the spider-like male demon, putting her hands on her hips.

"This fella right here!" Angel announced as he presented the doorman of the hotel to his best friend, causing her to set her vision on him.

"H-Hi, I'm Izuku." Izuku greeted a bit shyly as he waved with his right hand slightly, introducing himself, "I-It's nice to meet you, Cherri!" he stated, expressing his happiness for meeting her.

"f*ck me!" The one-eyed female sinner exclaimed in genuine surprise, "A living human in Hell?! Well that's not somethin' you see every day!" she remarked, then went on with her speech, "What kind of sh*tshow you did to deserve to be sent down here alive?" Cherrie inquired, desiring to know the reason of Izuku being in the fiery pits of Hell.

"N-No, I'm not a living human!" our protagonist clarified, then continued, "I got crushed by falling debris while I tried to save a little girl a few days ago, and when I died and came to Hell, my body looked like this." "A-And for your second question, I-I'm here because I-I did t-things that I-I'm not very proud of." he declared with a mixture of sadness, regret, and self-shame, feeling bad for all the violent and illegal acts his father forced him to do when he was alive.

"Damn, that's rough." Cherri remarked, then went on with her speech, "But I hafta say, ya look quite good! Tell me, what do you say about you and I getting to know each other more closely~? I hope yer little 'friend' down there didn't get too much~." she flirted as she stepped closer to Izuku, placed her right arm on his shoulder, leaned a bit forward, and proceeded to move her left index finger on his chest in a circular motion, causing Izuku's face to became as red as a fresh tomato, all the while Angel just laughed at the interaction in delight.

"I think ya should keep that until we get to the place. Otherwise, he'll pass out from overheating." the spider-based demon joked with a smug expression, resulting in our protagonist setting his eyes upon him in surprise, taken aback a bit by his joke and still obtaining the blush on his face.

"Then what are we waitin' for?!" the one-eyed female damned soul demanded as she removed her right arm from Izuku's left shoulder and left index finger, straightening her posture, "Let's get movin' and get this night started! Woohoo!" she declared as she threw her arms into the air celebration, all the while Izuku's blush disappeared from his face, making him realise that judging by her speech style and behavior, Cherri had a wild and care-free persona. And with Cherri added to the group, our trio went on with their journey, desiring to reach their destination as soon as they could.

After another thirty minutes of walking, the vision of our group caught the attention of a certain building, a building that, unbeknownst to Izuku, was the place they were heading. Shortly after noticing it, the auditory organs of the doorman of the hotel picked up something. It sounded like really loud music, being muffled due to coming from the building they were going to, becoming louder and louder with each approaching step, indicating to our protagonist that there was some kind of party going on inside the place.

A few moments passed, and our trio finally reached their destination, allowing them to witness the exterior of the location. Their destination was a medium-sized building with dark pinkish, reddish-colored walls and no windows, obtaining three eyes with red sclera and sharp, black pupils, being positioned near to each other and observing our trio. A double door made out of dark red-colored wood served as the entrance of the place, allowing any sinner or hell-born demon to access the establishment, all the while a small paper sign saying 'Open' was positioned on one of the doors, signaling the current state of the place. Finally, above the entrance of the building, the pink-colored neon sign saying 'Angel's Paradise' was foundable, thus indicating to the doorman of the hotel that this was the name of the place.

As our protagonist observed the place with his green eyes, being a bit scared by the watching gaze of the three eyes on the wall of the building, without wasting any time, Angel Dust stepped forward and grabbed the handle of one of the doors that were positioned at the right with his right upper hand and opened it, offering him, his best friend, and the newest employee of the hotel of the Princess of Hell to enter the building. But before he could do that, both he and the one-eyed female damned placed their attention on Izuku, with the latter opening her mouth and proceeding to talk to him.

"Ain't ya comin'?" Cherri asked our protagonist with a smile, causing him to get free from his phased-out state and set his eyes upon her.

"Y-Yes, I'm coming." Izuku responded, assuring her that he was not planning to leave them there.

"Then hurry! Ya don't wanna miss this out!" the bomb-using female demon declared cheerfully, trying to persuade him to come inside the establishment.

After this, both she and Angel proceeded to enter the building, with the gay p*rnstar going first and Cherri second, the latter shutting the door behind her back. Then, Izuku attempted to step forward to the door, setting his eyes upon the same handle that the spider-based male damned soul touched a few seconds ago. He was still unsure about going inside the place, not having any kind of information about what could possibly be waiting for him in there. But despite the unsureness he had, he knew he couldn't just leave the two demons at the place like that. They invited him just to make his sadness vanish and cheer him up and make him have a good time, which he was very grateful for, thinking that he didn't deserve their kindness due to the crimes he committed in his life and him being a puny, worthless, pathetic, Quirkless brat. And because of this, he couldn't allow the kind aid of the two sinners to turn into nothingness. After all, if he had done that, what kind of a monster would have he been? So, with this decision in his mind, Izuku laid his right hand on the door handle, took a deep breath in order to prepare himself for what he was about to see inside the place, released a sigh, and moved the handle downwards, unlocking the door and letting him step inside the building, following the two other members of our trio and offering him a chance to witness its interior.

After entering the establishment fully and closing the door behind his back, the doorman of the Hazbin Hotel positioned himself between Angel and Cherri, who were waiting for him to finally get inside, causing them to turn their heads in his direction and observe him with a smirk on their faces, with the former moving his jaw muscles and beginning to speak.

"So, what do ya think?" Angel asked from the doorman of the hotel, waiting for his reaction to the place. And truth be told, Izuku was quite taken aback by what he saw.

The place he and the two sinners entered was a party club, with the walls obtaining the same color scheme as the exterior of the building. The lights that provided light for the place were on the ceiling, changing their colors with each beat of the loud party music. At both sides of the entrance and at the two sides of the club, there were black-colored booth seatings as well, each one possessing a circle-shaped table in the middle, offering a chance to any damned soul to have a location to take a seat and place their alcoholic beverages. A small bar was positioned in the right corner of the club that was further away from the entrance as well, letting any demon have and consume any alcohol they wanted, all the while four doors were located at the wall farthest away from our trio, with two that were closer to the bar serving as the restroom for both sexes and the other two having the signs 'Sex Room 1' and 'Sex Room 2' above, presenting their function for all the visitors of the place.

And speaking of visitors, the club was not empty at all. It was beaming with life, having many sinners inside, both male and female and each of them having their own distinctive appearance, with some of them dancing and partying to the music, while others occupying seats on the seatings, drinking their beverages in the company of their friends, with a pair of demons even exiting one of the sex rooms, signaling it wasn't occupied was free to use for others once again.

This fascinated Izuku. He still couldn't get over the fact that all of these sinners, despite acquiring so many different looks, were all regular humans once, all of them having normal, human lives before their death and being sent down to the fiery pits of Hell for the crimes they committed on Earth, just like him.

As he observed the crowd of damned souls partying and enjoying the melody released by the speakers of the nightclub, he proceeded to open his mouth, attempting to reply to the question of the spider-like male demon.

"I-It looks nice." Izuku responded as he went on witnessing the crowd, not looking at the gay p*rnstar in the process.

"I'm glad ya say that." Angel said, then continued, "Now, let's get some drinks. I'm thirsty as f*ck!" he remarked, then, with his best friend by his side, he proceeded to approach the bar of the nightclub, beginning to pass through the crowd of partying sinners.

"W-Wait!" our protagonist exclaimed as he ran after the duo, following them and starting

to go through the crowd, attempting to catch up with the two demons he was hanging out with.

The duo consisting of the two damned souls the doorman of the hotel with passed through the big crowd with rather ease, knowing how to get through it due to having spent a lot of time in clubs like this in their afterlife. However, in the case of Izuku, he was not having such an easy time as the other two. He moved through the mass of demons rather slowly, not desiring to knock over anyone in the crowd. But as much as wished to avoid that, one of the female sinners accidentally bumped into him, resulting in him unintentionally getting pushed into a nearby male damned soul who looked at our protagonist with anger at first, but became absolutely shocked when he witnessed Izuku's appearance, causing the doorman of the rehabilitation center to fasten his steps a bit and cover the right side of his face with his right hand, attempting to hide his face, not wanting to draw any more unwanted attention with his look.

A few moments flew by, and Angel and Cherri got through the dancing crowd and arrived at the bar of the nightclub, all the while Izuku finally caught up with them not long after, all three of them taking a seat at the bar counter, with our protagonist sitting in the middle, the spider-like male sinner having a seat at his left, and the bomb-using one-eyed female sinner acquiring a bar chair as her sitting location at the right side of the doorman of the Hazbin Hotel. Once all three of them descended down on their own respective seats, the only female member of the trio set her singular eye on the bartender, who was a male demon and who possessed blue-colored skin, four eyes, gills on the two sides of his neck, a pair of fins in the place of his ears, a mouth full of sharp teeth, a pair of arms, and a long, eel-like tail, thus giving him a fish-like appearance, opened her mouth and began to speak.

"One Greyhound for me, one Rose co*cktail for Angie, and one Margarita for Izuku." Cherri ordered, listing the alcoholic beverages she requested for the members of the trio she was part of, causing the bartender to turn around with a bored expression and begin to prepare the drinks for them, not giving a single sh*t about Izuku's unusual appearance.

"G-Guys, you don't have to do this! I don't want you to spend your money on me!" Izuku demanded, not wishing for the two demons he was hanging out with to spend their hard-earned on a useless brat like him, "B-Besides, I'm not an alcohol-drinking type of person, so it would be just a waste of money." he noted as the bartender the three separate alcoholic beverages for our trio, making him observe the glass and the drink inside it, surprising the other two members of the trio with his remark.

"No f*ckin' way!" Cherri shouted in disbelief, "You have never drunk a single alcohol in your whole f*ckin' life?!" she wondered, taken aback by the previous statement of the doorman of the hotel.

"Y-Yes." Izuku replied as he looked at the one-eyed female sinner once again, strengthening his statement, "I-In fact, this is the first time I have ever been in a nightclub like this." he declared, turning around and setting his green-colored eyes on the mass of partying damned souls, still in awe from the fact that those sinners were humans once.

"Then it's the perfect chance ya experienced it!" Cherri stated, then went on with her speech, "Don't think about anythin'! Drink, dance, and party as hard and wild as ya want! This night is ours." she advised, wishing the newest employee of the hotel to enjoy his first time in a nightclub, "Heck, maybe ya will even hook up with one o' the chicks in here!" the bomb-using one-eyed female demon noted, making Izuku blush a bit from the thought of him experiencing sexual intercourse with the opposite sex, "Or, maybe with me~" she teased in a flirtatious tone and with a smirk on her face as she leaned towards our protagonist a bit, resulting in his blush enveloping his whole face.

"So, ya don't drink alcohol 'cause ya hate it?" Angel inquired from the doorman of the place of healing of Princess Charlotte, causing the two other members of the trio to focus their attention on him, with the other male member of the group losing his blush in the process.

"W-Well, it's not like I hate it." Izuku answered, then continued, "I-It's just, I was never interested in drinking alcohol in the first place." he explained, "P-Plus, m-my father d-didn't allow m-me to d-drink any k-kind of b-beverage." the doorman of the hotel stuttered as he thought back to all the horrible acts his father forced him to do and did to him throughout almost all of his life in his mortal life, making him look at his alcoholic drink in upsetness.

"Why? 'Cause he was against the idea of ya drinking any booze or what?" the gay p*rnstar queried our protagonist.

"N-No." Izuku responded, "H-He didn't a-allow me b-because he t-thought a w-worthless and u-useless b-brat like m-me didn't d-deserve it, e-even when I-I did the w-work h-he asked m-me to d-do." he explained stutteringly as he remembered back to the trauma his father caused him to experience, resulting in him becoming even more gloomy.

"What kinda work exactly?" the spider-based male sinner wondered.

"L-Like, t-torturing and k-killing p-people who b-betrayed him and h-his gang o-or d-didn't bring h-him the m-money h-he wanted." our protagonist explained as his sadness reached new heights, not even daring to look at the two demons next to him after confessing what kind of awful actions he performed in his human life, totally understanding if they hated him for his past actions. But to his surprise, he was soon to find out that their reactions were not what he expected.

"No way! You were part o' the maffia too?!" Angel questioned in delight, completely taking aback our protagonist with his tone.

"W-What?" Izuku asked in disbelief, being shocked by the speaking style of the spider-like male damned soul.

"Damn, Toots, I've never expected ya being in the mafia! Respect!" the gay p*rnstar remarked with glee, surprising the doorman of the Hazbin Hotel even more.

"S-So, y-you don't h-hate m-me for the c-crimes I c-committed?" our protagonist questioned in confusion, taken aback by the rather kind speaking style of the gay p*rnstar and still fearing that they despised him for the bad acts he performed.

"Toots, everyone here did somethin' sh*tty in their lives. That's why they're here!" Angel declared, "So, ya are not alone in this regard." he assured, "Trust me, as someone who shared the same work as ya, I know how ya feel." the spider-like male demon noted, surprising our protagonist.

"W-Wait, y-you were in t-the m-maffia too?" Izuku asked in shock, taken aback by this statement from the other male member of the group.

"You bet!" Angel remarked, then continued, "Back in the day, I used to fight alongside my daddy's gang in turf wars with my brother and sister, although she wasn't involved in combat." he revealed as he remembered back the fights he was in and the missions his asshole of a father asked him and his not-so-kind older brother to do when he was alive, although forming a small smile on his face as he reminded himself of the kindness of his twin sister.

"Same case here!" Cherri announced, although just being the ex-member of a simple Australian gang instead of being part of a gang that was her family's, resulting in both Izuku and Angel placing their attention on her, with the former doing it in surprise, "In fact, I met this bitch during one o' my fights down here!" she revealed, then continued, "I was havin' a shootout with a bunch o' assholes who invaded my turf and he saw the action, so he decided to help me out." the bomb-using one-eyed female damned soul explained, thinking back the day she met the spider-like male demon for the first time, "And let me tell ya, Angie did his part quite well." she remarked with a smirk on his, reminding herself to the action

"What can I say, sex ain't the only thing I am good at." the gay p*rnstar noted as he shared a laugh with his best friend, all the while Izuku observed the whole scene in disbelief. He was taken aback by how similar Angel's and Cherri's past lives were compared to his. But was not the thing that took him aback. What surprised him the most was that even after revealing his past actions that resulted in him being sent down to the realm of suffering to them, they didn't feel hatred towards him. Instead, they were sympathetic and kind towards him, which he only received from his caring mother and the three members of the Bakugo family. And because of this, Izuku formed a small smile, a smile that he didn't acquire since his arrival in Hell, feeling joy due to being treated with kindness and as a person in a while, not as a failure and worthless piece of trash, and appreciating the kind actions of the two damned souls he was hanging out with.

As he thought about this, the only female member of our trio moved her jaw muscles, opening her mouth full of sharp teeth and proceeding to speak.

"Now, enough o' the chit-chat!" Cherri demanded, "Let's get this party started!" she declared, grabbing her glass that contained her alcoholic beverage and raising it into the air, wanting to give a toast, with Angel performing the same action, clinging the glass of his booze to his best friend's glass. And with a little bit of hesitation, Izuku joined the action of the two demons, touching his glass to theirs and marking the beginning of their partying.

During most of the time they spent in the nightclub, our trio chatted with one another at the bar counter, sharing a laugh between themselves from time to time, with Angel and Cherri continuing to drink alcoholic beverages after they finished the original ones they ordered, all the while the doorman of the place of healing of the Princess of Hell didn't touch his drink, just listened to the two demons he was hanging out with, enjoying their company. After a while, Cherri insisted on inviting our protagonist for a dance, which he was pretty hesitant at first due to not knowing how to dance in a place like this, or anywhere in general. But Cherri assured him that couldn't f*ck anything with his lack of knowledge about dancing and grabbed his right hand and pulled him into the mass of partying sinners, making him blush from her accomplishing a sudden physical interaction with him, with Angel standing up from his seat and follow the to into the crowd. Once he became a member of the dancing crowd, both the one-eyed female damned soul and gay p*rnstar started to dance, with our protagonist doing the same act although a bit awkwardly due to not having any previous experience, but getting into it eventually and dancing along the two demons he was hanging out with. As he did this, he failed to notice that the sadness he obtained from unintentionally upsetting Charlie and remembering back to horrible things his father did to him and forced him to do had vanished and transformed into pure joy, a feeling he hadn't experienced for a long time.

After some dancing, the spider-based male sinner invented the other two members of the trio over to a group of male damned souls, which Izuku was against at first due to his rather unique appearance, but the assuring words of the two demons he was hanging out with, he decided to tag along, joining to the group of male demons, which consisted of five individuals, each of them possessing their own distinctive looks, with the two other members of the trio he was part of. Of course, when they arrived at the group, who were occupying the club seatings, he received some unwanted attention from the five sinners, but they didn't care about his rather humane appearance that much, mostly focusing their attention on Angel and Cherri. While the gay p*rnstar and bomb-using one-eyed female sinner chatted with the group of male damned souls, our protagonist just observed the whole scene in silence, not joining the conversation thanks to feeling something off about those male demons.

Shortly after joining the large group of male demons, he informed the other two members of our trio that he was going to the toilet, which they were fine with. So, after standing up from the seating and getting to the male restroom, the doorman of the Hazbin Hotel went inside, used the toilet, and exited the room once he was done with the action he needed to accomplish. But as he did this, he saw something he didn't expect.

At the bar counter, one of the five male damned souls, who had a rather incest-like look, possessing a bluish, blackish color scheme, four arms, five eyes, a pair of antennae on his head, and a pair of insect-like wings on his back, was standing, waiting for the bartender to serve the two drinks he requested. Once receiving the alcoholic beverages from the bartender, which appeared to be the same boozes that Angel and Cherri ordered when they arrived at the place, the male demon pulled a glass bottle with a pinkish fluid out of his jacket and opened it, pouring a drip into each beverage, making a small, pink-colored heart come out of each drink, disappearing in a matter of seconds. Then, he closed the bottle, put it back inside his jacket, and grabbed the two beverages with his upper hands, heading back to the group.

It didn't take Izuku long to realise what that substance was. It was a drug. They wanted to drug Angel and Cherri to do horrible things to them, resulting in Izuku obtaining anger inside his body. Despite never standing up for himself, he couldn't stand someone being drugged and becoming vulnerable and defenseless against awful people. And with the two demons he was hanging about with being the main targets of those horrible damned souls, he couldn't just stand and watch and do absolutely nothing. He would have protected them even if he hadn't known them. But thanks to the acts they did to cheer him up, his desire to protect them from those damned souls grew even larger, not caring about the possible cost he had to pay for that. So, with this decision in his mind, he decided to follow the male demon and go back to the trio he was part of, eager to stop the damned soul in the act he desired to perform.

"There you go, beautiful!" the male sinner said to Angel and Cherri as he arrived at the club seating, causing everyone there to look at him, "Just the best fo-" he continued, but was interrupted in his speech by our protagonist putting his right hand on his left shoulder.

"I think those are not their drinks." Izuku said in a serious manner, attempting to stop the demon from drugging the gay p*rnstar and the one-eyed female sinner, making the two set their eyes upon Izuku in confusion.

"Nope, these are their drinks." the male sinner declared as he looked over his shoulder and focused his attention on him, trying to hide his true intentions from our protagonist.

"No, they aren't." the newest employee of the Hazbim Hotel stated with the same serious tone, pissing off the male sinner.

"I said…" the male damned soul started in anger, turning his full body around in order to face Izuku and reaching inside his jacket with his right lower hand, "These are their drinks, motherf*cker." he declared, pulling a pistol out of his jacket and pointing it at our protagonist's body.

"W-Whoa dude, calm down. W-We can talk about this." the doorman of the hotel stated as he lifted his hands in afraidness, becoming a bit scared by the presence of the weapon.

"You should've thought of that earlier." the male sinner noted in a threatening tone and with an evil smile on his face, signaling Izuku that he was not going to let him make his and his buddies's chance of having a good time with the most famous gay p*rnstar in Hell and with a hottie like Cherri to slide.

Hearing his tone and already knowing what his next move was going to be by it, Izuku quickly grabbed the lower right hand of the male sinner with his left hand and moved it aside right before the damned soul would have fired a shot, taking him by surprise making the bullet hit the wall instead of our protagonist's body.

Then, he twisted the sinner's hand and made him drop his firearm, resulting in him screaming in pain, all the while the crowd of demons proceeded to flee out of the nightclub in panic after hearing the gunshot despite the loud music. Once making the male damned soul release his grip on the weapon, the doorman of the hotel let go of the sinner's lower right hand and sent him flying with a well-aimed kick right into his face, making him crash into three of his buddies.

Seeing his friends being treated this way, the last member of the male demon group attempted to draw his gun to get rid of our protagonist, but Izuku fastly interrupted him in this activity by grabbing the firearm that the demon he had kicked into the face dropped and throwing it into his face, staggering him and allowing him to grab the hands of the two damned souls he was hanging out with, pulling them up from their seats.

"Come! We need to get out of here as soon as possible!" the doorman of the hotel declared with a worried tone and expression, not wishing for the two sinners to get injured.

But he said this to the two demons, and suddenly, from the other side of the nightclub, a loud 'bang' sound was released and something tiny hit our protagonist's right arm, resulting in all three members of our trio turning their heads in the direction the sound came from. And when they did this, they saw a group consisting of six male sinners, each of them acquiring their own unique appearance, all of them holding firearms and witnessing with enraged faces, meaning that they were on the same team as the other male sinner group.

Seeing themselves outnumbered, our trio rushed towards the bar counter as fast as possible, jumped over it, and hid behind, getting behind cover just moments before the members of the two groups, with the members of the first getting back to their senses, would have started firing at them with their guns.

After hiding behind the bar counter, the doorman of the hotel decided to check his right arm, desiring to see what had hit him. But as he performed this act, he discovered something quite shocking. There was a hole in his right sleeve, meaning that he was shot by one of the male sinners. But the thing that shocked him even more was that there was no bullet wound on his arm. In fact, as he thought back, he realised that he didn't feel any kind of pain from the bullet colliding with his arm, just experiencing the bullet just touching his arm when it hit him. The only thing that signaled him he was shot was the tiny hole in his sleeve, thus shocking him even more, not understanding how something like this could happen to him and how he was capable of this.

As he did this, the gay p*rnstar opened his mouth and exclaimed, drawing Izuku's attention.

"Why the hell did ya do that?!" Angel questioned, not understanding why Izuku would do such a thing, all the while.

"He put something in your drink! I couldn't just stand by and watch!" Izuku explained, revealing his desire to help them not get drugged by those sinners.

"Then we'll handle this the old-fashioned way." Cherri remarked, forming a smirk on her face and locking eyes with her best friend, who nodded in response, knowing the meaning behind her words, with Izuku looking at her in uncertainty, not knowing what she meant by the old-fashioned way.

Then, to our protagonist's surprise, Cherri pulled out a red-colored bomb that had a green-colored skull symbol on it, lighted it, and threw it out of their hideout, exploding right among their attackers, killing two of them with it and making some of them drop their guns accidentally and stop their shooting momentarily, giving Angel enough time to grew another pair of arms, pulled out a bunch of machine guns which Izuku didn't know where were they stored this whole time, stood up from their cover, and began to fire at the demons, killing three of their attackers and causing their attackers to hide behind anything that could serve as a cover.

After this, Cherri stood up as well and threw another two bombs, releasing powerful explosions, destroying all nearby furniture, and preventing the demons from shooting our main group. Once the bombs exploded, both Cherri and Angel stepped over the bar counter and continued their attacks, with the former going on throwing her bombs and the latter continuing to shoot the demons, preventing them from coming out of their hideouts, both of them getting closer and closer to their attackers

As they went on with their assault, Izuku came out of the hideout our trio used previously and stepped over the bar counter, witnessing the two demons with uncertainty, unsure if he should join the violence or not.

While he did, he failed to notice one of the male sinners, who dropped his firearm from the first explosion and the blast made it fly too far away for him to get it back before he would have gotten shot, grabbing a nearby beer bottle with his right hand and shattering its bottom part, making it into a makeshift weapon and running at our protagonist with it, screaming in the process.

Hearing this, Izuku quickly sat his eyes on his attacker and successfully dodged each of his swings, grabbing his right hand, and twisting it, causing the male damned soul to drop his weapon. Then, the doorman of the Hazbin Hotel unleashed multiple punches on the demon's upper body, finishing his attacks with a kick into the demon's chest, sending him flying and resulting in him crashing one of the bar tables, breaking the furniture in half and rendering the damned soul unconscious.

Then, our protagonist set his eyes upon the demons he was hanging with, desiring to check if they were fine or not. Fortunately, neither Angel nor Cherri sustained injuries, both of them going on with fighting with their attackers. But as Izuku looked at them, from the corner of his eyes, his vision got the attention of a male sinner throwing his gun away due to getting out of ammo and pulling a knife out of his jacket, running at the bomb-using with the intent of stabbing her.

Seeing this, the doorman of the hotel jolted towards the sinner, desiring to stop him from hurting the one-eyed female sinner. As Cherri threw another, killing a sinner with it, and Angel shot down two other male damned souls, the demon with the knife rushed towards her, screaming in the process, thus gaining her attention. By the time she looked at him, he was too close to her and she would have been stabbed, if not for Izuku punching the sinner in the face with his right hand, saving Cherri and making the demon focus his attention on him.

After getting punched in the face, the damned soul intended to stab our protagonist with his knife, but his effort was fruitless thanks to Izuku grabbing the hand he was holding his knife with and twisting it, causing him to drop the weapon, and rendering him unconscious with a well-aimed spin kick right into the head, all the while the gay p*rnstar and the bomb-using one-eyed female sinner observed the scene in awe, taken aback by his combat experience.

As the male demon lost consciousness, the last standing male sinner jolted towards the doorman of the rehabilitation center of Princess Charlotte, obtaining a baseball bat in his hands and swinging it at Izuku, successfully avoiding each strike. After the fourth swing, our protagonist touched the baseball with his left hand, stopping the male demon jn swinging it, and punched the male damned soul right into the stomach with his right hand, resulting in his opponent dropping his baseball bat and hunched downwards, holding his stomach area in pain. After that, Izuku performed a left hook, making the demon fall on his back. Then, the doorman of the hotel picked up the baseball bat from the floor, grabbed it with both of his hands, and raised it into the air, ready to strike down the demon with it, causing his opponent to look at him with a fearful expression.

And when our protagonist saw this, he hesitated, freezing in place. Despite trying to kill him and the two demons he was hanging out with, he couldn't bring himself to finish the demon off. When he was alive, he was involved in the torture and killing of numerous people, which was due to the fact these acts were the things that his father forced him to do and made him fall into Hell. But even despite being experienced in killing, he couldn't do it. After all, he hated killing and felt regret and was ashamed of himself because of the murders he committed under his horrible father's command. And if he had continued to do these actions without his father forcing him to do so, it would have rendered him an even worse person than he already was.

Witnessing his hesitation, the male sinner pulled out a hidden pistol from his jacket and pointed it at Izuku, making him come out of his current state and become shocked, never expecting this to happen. The damned soul was about to pull the trigger when suddenly, he was shot in the head by Angel, killing him instantly and taking aback the doorman of the hotel.

"Yer welcome." the spider-like male sinner said as he blew the tiny smoke coming out of his gun, putting his firearms away afterward, all the while Izuku dropped the baseball bat and grabbed the side of his head with both of his hands, becoming extremely panicked.

He was not panicked because of nearly getting shot. No, it was quite from it. He was in such an emotional state due to one single thing. He failed to eliminate the demon. In his life, every time he failed to do what had to be done, he would receive very harsh treatment, resulting in him getting pretty beaten, causing the memories about those situations to hit him like a waterfall, making him become more and more panicked with each passing second and causing tears of fear start to form in the corner of his eyes.

"I'm sorry Dad, I'm sorry!" Izuku muttered quietly and repeatedly as tears of panic and afraidness began to roll down his cheeks, showing his back to the sinners he was hanging out with and observing the floor in the process.

"Damn, dude!" Cherri noted as she looked at the aftermath, "I thought ya were just a simple mafia guy, but ya are quite tough! I like it!" she remarked with a smirk on her face, setting her singular eye on our protagonist, sharing the same type of action with her best friend, both of them becoming confused and concerned for the doorman of the hotel thanks to his behavior, "Um, Izuku, are ya alright?" the one-eyed female sinner asked as she approached Izuku, putting her right hand on his left shoulder.

At the moment she touched his shoulder, our protagonist flinched and stopped holding his head with his hands, turning his head around and looking at two demons, revealing his face to them and the condition he was in, shocking them. But the lock of eyes between them was short-lived due to the doorman of the Hazbin Hotel rushing in the direction of the main entrance of the nightclub and running out of the building, slamming the door behind his back in panic, thus leaving the two demons inside.

Once getting outside, allowing him to witness that it was already nighttime, Izuku rushed to the wall at the left side of the front door of the nightclub and sat down on it, bringing his legs up and holding his head with both of his hands in panic, trying to call himself down and continuing to cry. But he couldn't. The harder he tried to calm down, the more images of his father beating the ever-living soul out of him manifested in his mind, with his mother trying to intervene and attempting to stop his father from hurting him numerous times but receiving a strong slap her face for these attempts of hers, thus making Izuku feel even worse for getting his precious mother just because he couldn't do the command of his father properly. And because of this, Izuku hated himself, assuming that if he hadn't been a coward and hadn't been born, his mother would have never suffered these injuries and would have never been mistreated by his father.

"I'm sorry, Dad, for being a failure." Izuku said quietly as he formed a fetal position, burying his face into his legs in gloominess.

As he continued to cry and went on with this melancholic state of his, his ears failed to pick up the sound of the nightclub's entrance being opened from the inside, with Angel stepping out of the building, holding the baseball bat Izuku had in his hands moments ago with his upper left hand and acquiring a worried expression, being closely followed by Cherri, who had the same concerned face as him, both of them looking for the doorman of the hotel.

Once finding the location of our protagonist, the gay p*rnstar was the first to move his jaw muscles, opening his mouth and beginning to speak.

"Hey, Toots, are ya alright?" Angel inquired with worry in his voice as he and his best friend approached Izuku, causing him to sweep his tears away with his hands and nod his head in response, not daring to look at them because of the ruckus he caused in the club and his sudden crying.

Shortly after answering his question without any verbal communication, the spider-like male sinner sat down at the right side of the doorman of the hotel and put the baseball bat on the ground, with the bomb-using one-eyed damned soul sitting down at the other side of Izuku.

"So, abusive dad, huh?" the gay p*rnstar queried as he and Cherri observed Izuku, with him nodding in response, confirming Angel's assumption, "Trust me, I know the feelin'." he remarked, setting eyes upon the ground in sadness, taking aback our protagonist with his remark.

"Y-Your D-Dad hurt y-you t-too?" Izuku questioned stammeringly.

"Well, not exactly." the spider-based male demon clarified, then continued, "Sure, my dad was an asshole, but he's not the one who treats me like that. It's my boss,Val." he stated, adopting true, pure hatred as the name of his boss left his boss, "Oh, I'd love nothin' more than smash that arrogant bicth face o' his in!" Angel declared in rage, wanting to unleash all the anger he felt towards his boss on him, "But I can't." he said, losing his anger and looking at the ground in melancholy, thinking that there was no way he could escape his employer, making Izuku adopt hatred almost immediately towards Angel's boss just by hearing this.

"Hey." Cherri started with a surprisingly soft tone as she put her hand on Izuku's shoulder in a comforting manner, losing her previous party-lover persona and speaking style, resulting in both Izuku and Angel looking at her, "Maybe your dad mistreated you in the past, but he can't hurt you anymore." she noted, then went on with her speech, "I know it was tough for you, he doesn't matter anymore. You're free of him." the one-eyed female sinner remarked, trying to cheer up our protagonist, "And if he does come back, he won't matter a single bit." she noted, then continued, "Because, I promise you that no matter what happens, as long as we're here for each other, nothin' can stop us. Nothin' matters." Cherri comforted, saying the same words she told her best friend, causing him to smile at her from the words she said.

"W-Why would y-you do a-all o-of this? W-Why w-would you t-try to c-cheer me u-up?" Izuku asked stutteringly, "I-I'm a f-failure. A d-disgrace." he remarked, looking down on himself, with his father's words still echoing inside his head, "W-We were s-supposed to h-have fun t-tonight, b-but I r-ruined it." our protagonist noted as he looked away from the only female member of our trio and tears began to manifest in the corner of his eyes once again, feeling bad for turning the kind efforts of the two demons cheering him up into nothingness.

"Sure, you did quite a scene back in there, but you did that because you wanted to do the right thing and help. And I think Angie can agree with me that this shows a lot about you. But most importantly, you're not a disgrace." Cherri remarked, then stood up from the ground and walked in front of the doorman of the hotel, with the gay p*rnstar grabbing the baseball bat with his left upper hand and standing up from the ground as well, positioning himself next to his best friend, "So, drop that melancholy and get up from the ground. The night is still young. Let's use it out." she said with a kind smile on her face as she leaned downwards and extended her right hand towards Izuku, wishing to help him get up, making him look at her and Angel with a shocked expression.

He couldn't believe it. Despite the crimes he committed in his mortal, despite his actions that night, and despite ruining their night, these two people, these demons, were not angry at him. Instead, they were sympathetic towards him, showing the kind of kindness he only received from his mother, the three members of the Bakugo family, and Charlie when he met her for the first time. And because of their kindness, he adopted a gratitude for them that was unmeasurable, resulting in enforcing the decision he made inside the club that he would protect them no matter what.

As he thought about this, Izuku swept his tears away and took the hand of the bomb-using one-eyed female demon, allowing her to help him rise to his feet. Then, Angel moved his left upper hand in the direction of our protagonist, offering him a chance to take the baseball bat, which he did, all the while Cherri continued to speak.

"Now, let's go and tear some sh*t up! I'm sure that will cheer ya up!" Cherri noted cheerfully, going back to her party-loving persona, "Usually, I go to the Edgelord's place to explode his airship and Victorian sh*t, but I don't want to get ya into trouble." she noted, referring to a certain snake-like wannabe-Overlord, "So, I think a billboard will be good enough for you. Just imagine your sh*tty dad's face in the place of the billboard, and you'll enjoy it no time!" the one-eyed female damned soul remarked as she and her best friend began to walk towards the nearest billboard, wishing to destroy it with the doorman of the hotel, all the while Izuku observed them with a small smile on his face, being grateful for all the actions the two demons he was hanging out with for him.

He was about to follow them in their tracks when an idea appeared in his head. An idea that could not only serve as an activity that Cherri planned to do, but it could also benefit Angel, thus making it the perfect way for him to thank the kind actions of the gay p*rnstar and the bomb-using one-eyed female damned soul. So, with this idea in his head, he decided to open his mouth and start to speak.

"Angel, is there a club you performed at nearby?" Izuku questioned, knowing about his performances due to the spider-like male sinner talking out it during the time they were at the bar of the nightclub, resulting in the two sinners stopping their movements and setting their eyes upon him.

"Yes, why?" Angel asked with confusion in his voice.

"Can you please take me there? I think I have an idea." our protagonist stated, confusing the two damned souls even more.

"Sure." the gay p*rnstar replied with uncertainty, agreeing to go along with the request of the doorman of the Hazbin Hotel, all the while Cherri shared the same confusion with him.

With this, our group started their journey towards the nearest strip club where the spider-like damned soul performed once, going through the streets of Pentagram. They had been walking for around fifteen minutes when they finally reached their destination, allowing them to set their eyes upon the strip club. The club was a medium-sized building with a pinkish and purplish color scheme, possessing a sign on the front doors that said 'Closed', neon lights, and sexual-themed posters, with one of them presenting Angel Dust himself, thus signaling our trio and more importantly, our protagonist, it was the perfect place for his idea.

As they witnessed the building, the gay p*rnstar proceeded to move his jaw muscles and open his mouth, beginning to speak.

"So, why are we here?" the spider-based male sinner queried in confusion, still unsure why they were at that strip club in the first place.

"I want to destroy this place." Izuku responded with a smile on his face, putting the baseball bat he was holding on his right shoulder, taking aback the two demons in shock.

"Are ya f*ckin' nuts?!" Angel questioned in panic, "If Val finds out, we're gonna pay for it!" he declared, fearing what Valentino would do to them if he got to know of this.

"But he's not here, isn't he?" the doorman of the hotel noted with the same smile on his face, stepping forward, "Plus I think he should get a taste of his own medicine for mistreating you." he stated as he stopped in his tracks and turned around, facing the two demons he was hanging out with, wanting Angel's boss "Don't worry, if he does find out, I will take the blame so you wouldn't get hurt by your boss." our protagonist said, taking full responsibility if things went sideways, "So, I think we should get inside, and f*ck some sh*t up!" he announced with a type of confidence he had never shown or felt before as he pointed at the building with the baseball bat, surprising the two sinners with his sudden cursing. But shortly after this, the two damned souls formed smirks on their faces, with Cherri pulling out a bomb from one of her pockets and Angel drawing out his firearms, showing the doorman of the Hazbin Hotel that they were eager to go along with his plan.

And with this, our trio approached the club and went inside, starting to wreck the place absolutely. With the baseball bat, Izuku smashed all the booze inside the bar of the strip club and broke nearly all the tables, breaking the baseball bat in half due to using it so many times, all the while Cherri destroyed the remaining tables and some of the walls with her bombs, and Angel shot with his guns in all direction in a manner that didn't hit neither his best friend nor our protagonist, thus destroying the place even more. Of course, Izuku knew these actions were not so nice, and he knew that this wouldn't cure his trauma, but he didn't care about it. All he cared about at that moment was that with the demolition of this club, there would be one less place where Angel could be exploited by his employer and mistreated by him and the visitors of the place.

After everything was wrecked and the inside of the strip club was in flames, the trio grabbed each other's hands, with the doorman of the hotel being positioned in the middle, the one-eyed female demon at his right, and the gay p*rnstar at his left, and ran out of the building in glee, with Cherri throwing a bomb at the club behind her back after they got far away from, causing the strip club to be reduced to rubble and flames after the bomb exploded, all the while our trio showed their backs to the explosion and leaned on each other's shoulder with their arms, laughing and having one of the best days of their afterlife, thus marking the beginning of their friendship.

After destroying the strip club, our trio proceeded to head towards the rehabilitation center of the Princess of Hell, walking through the night streets of the capital city of Hell, all the while laughing at the stories about Angel's boss and talking to each other, just having a good time. Once they got to the territory of the hotel, Cherri shared her phone number with our protagonist, letting him reach out to her if he wanted to hang out, and said goodbye to her friends, leaving Angel and Izuku all by themselves. Then, our duo proceeded to head to the hotel they were living in, with the doorman of the hotel opening one of the entrances for the spider-based sinner, allowing him to step inside first, following him inside shortly after, thus letting both of them set their eyes upon the inside of the building.

Inside the lobby area of the Hazbin Hotel, there was not a single living soul inside. However, our duo was not taken aback by this due to being nighttime, meaning that everyone was already inside their own rooms and were sleeping in their beds, thus rendering the two members of our duo the last two residents of the establishment who were awake.

As they observed the empty lobby and the doorman of the hotel closed the door behind his back, the duo went on with their conversation, with the gay p*rnstar being the one who spoke at the moment.

"He had like three bills, and it took him thirty minutes to count it. His eyes are so sh*t." Angel remarked about his boss in delight, walking next to our protagonist and inside the lobby even more.

"That's your boss? Jeez, I thought my Dad had bad eyesight." Izuku noted as he and the gay p*rnstar shared a laugh, enjoying each other's company. As they went more and more inside the lobby area of the hotel, our protagonist turned his head and set his eyes upon the Caviar Bar, which was occupied by no one due to Husk possibly sleeping in his bed, with an idea popping up in his mind that was the perfect way to end the night.

"Hey, how about a drink? To end the night in style?" Izuku asked Angel as he turned his head in his direction, smiling at him in the process.

"I'm on board." Angel replied in a delighted tone, accepting his newest friend's invitation for a drink.

After this, both of them walked up to the bar, each of them took a beer bottle off of the bar shelf and set on with the gay p*rnstar proceeding to open it and starting to drink it immediately. Our protagonist was about to perform the same action as well, although with a bit of hesitation due to this being the first alcoholic beverage he had ever drunk, when, from the corner of his left eye, he noticed something, causing him to shift his attention away from the beer bottle and turn his head towards the thing he noticed, wanting to see what it exactly was. And when he did this, he was taken aback in surprise.

He and Angel were not alone in the lobby. In the parlor area of the lobby, the Princess of Hell herself was foundable, wearing her casual outfit and lying on one of the sofas and sleeping peacefully, keeping her head on her arms, which she positioned on one of the arms of the sofa. Why was she sleeping in the lobby room? Why wasn't she sleeping in her own room? These were the thoughts that ran through Izuku's mind as he observed her. While he was thinking of a reason behind her sleeping in the parlor area, he suddenly came to the realisation that she must have felt tired and wished to take a short nap, which turned into a deep slumber. But despite her nap, our protagonist couldn't just leave her on the sofa like that. She needed to sleep somewhere more comfortable, such as inside her own room, in her own bed. And if she stayed in the lobby all night, Izuku thought that she could get sick, which he didn't want her to experience at all. Plus, as he thought of this, the promise he made about helping her no matter the cost appeared in his mind, causing his desire to aid her at that moment even more. So, with this, he opened his mouth and began to speak.

"Hey, Angel?" Izuku started as he went on observing the sleeping Princess of Hell from the distance, making his friend stop drinking his booze and gain his attention.

"What?" Angel inquired from his friend.

"Charlie is sleeping on the couch." he announced, causing the spider-like male sinner to take a quick glance at her.

"Yeah, so?" the gay p*rnstar asked, focusing his attention on our protagonist yet again.

"We can't just leave her there like that! She could catch a cold!" the doorman of the hotel declared, being concerned for his employer's health.

"Then what do ya wanna do? Wake her up?" Angel questioned.

"No, I don't want to disturb her sleep." Izuku stated, then placed his right hand under his chin, thinking about a way that could both get Princess Charlotte to her room and wouldn't result in her waking up, with an idea popping up in his mind not long after, "I'll pick her up and bring her to her room, and you will open the door for me so I can get her inside." he suggested, thinking that this was the perfect solution for this situation.

"Got it." the spider-based male damned soul replied, agreeing to go along with his friend's plan.

With this, our duo stood up from their seats, left the Caviar Bar, and quietly approached the sleeping Princess, with our protagonist slowly and carefully grabbing her right shoulder with his right hand and touching her legs under her knees with his left hand, patiently lifting her up from the sofa and holding her in bride style. Then, our duo attempted to go in the direction of her room, walking in a manner and speed that wouldn't result in the awakening of the Princess of Hell.

As they proceeded to walk towards Charlie's room, Izuku just couldn't get his eyes off of her, astonished by how beautiful she was in her slumber. How her chest rose with each breath she inhaled and lowered when she released that breath. How her gorgeous eyes were shut, and how both her eyes under her eyelids and her body didn't move a single inch despite being carried by him, not being bothered by the outside world, thus allowing her to sleep peacefully. And because of that, he couldn't help but smile, finding her sleep like this adorable, although he was surprised by himself thinking such a thing. But as he did this, he reminded himself of the sadness she had the previous and behind her fake smile that morning, making Izuku remember back to the promise he made that day. The promise about him helping her lose her fake smile and becoming genuinely joyful, allowing her to smile truthfully. As the first step towards fulfilling this step, he decided that he would inform her the following day that she was not the only one in the hotel who was grieving the loss of a loved one and that there was someone she could share her pain with.

A few minutes passed, and they reached the entrance of Charlie's room, with Angel opening both doors of the double door for his friend, letting him enter the room without much difficulty, with the spider-like male damned soul following him closely. In the room of the Princess of Hell, Keekee, Razzle, and Dazzle were sleeping, all three of them sleeping in Charlie's bed. As the doorman of the hotel and the gay p*rnstar the bed of Princess Charlotte, the three hellish beings awoke from their slumbers to the approaching steps of our duo, causing them to look at them in surprise and get off of the bed, with Keekee jumping off of the bed and Razzle and Dazzle taking flying, observing our duo in the process.

Once reaching Charlie's bed, Izuku carefully put her on it, not desiring to wake her up, and covered her with the blanket she had on her bed, keeping her warm with it and witnessing her with a smile on his face, turning his head in the direction of Razzle and Dazzle.

"Protect her, okay?" Izuku requested quietly from the two flying bodyguards of the Princess of Hell with a smile on his face, saying it in a tone like that due to not wishing to wake her up, resulting in Razzle and Dazzle forming a smile on their faces and performing a nod with their heads, understanding his request and appreciating the kind action he did for her.

Then, with quiet steps, our duo proceeded to walk back to the front door of the room, both of them exiting the room in silence, with Izuku closing the doors of the double door behind his back carefully, not desiring to awake Charlie from her slumber, thus leaving her alone with her hellish pet cat and two bodyguards, who approached her and snuggled to her body, falling asleep shortly after.

Once leaving the room of Princess Charlotte, the gay p*rnstar and our protagonist headed back to the bar of the hotel, both of them taking a seat and beginning to drink their alcoholic beverages, chatting in the meantime. Then, they both said their goodbyes to one another for the night and separated, both of them walking in the direction of their own respective rooms.

After Izuku reached his room, stepped inside, closed the door, and turned on the small lamp next to his bed, he got his clothes off of his body, headed to the bathroom, took a quick shower, dressed up into his pajamas, and got into his bed, witnessing the roof of his room, thinking back to all the events that happened to him that day. The conversation he had employer that morning, the revelation of her mourning the loss of a special someone, Angel's invitation for a hangout, the party he had with him and Cherri, the fight they had with a bunch of sinners, the comfort and support they gave to her, the friendship he formed with them, with them being the first friends he ever in his whole existence and them treating him with respect and kindness, sure to stand by his if he was in trouble, which he was very grateful for, everything, making him acquire a smile on his face once again. But most importantly, the promise he made that day, and the action he considered as the first step towards reaching that goal, thus making Izuku obtain a determined expression as he looked at the roof, not planning to ever give up on his promise. So, with this, Izuku turned off the small lamp and shut his eyes, slowly venturing into the realm of dreams, and preparing himself for the next day. The day on which he would reveal to Charlie that he was grieving as well, with her being the first person he had ever told this information to since the beginning of his afterlife.

Complete Cycle And Harmony - Chapter 3 - Herreraman - 僕のヒーローアカデミア | Boku no Hero Academia (2024)


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