Baby Gronk Rizz King, Livvy Just Rizzed Him Up (2024)


Baby Gronk Rizz King, Livvy Just Rizzed Him Up refers to a series of words uttered in a viral video on TikTok posted by TikToker h00pify in mid-2023 in which the host told a story about 10-year-old football star Baby Gronk (real name Madden San Miguel) going to LSU and meeting Livvy Dunne where he purportedly used rizz and was also "rizzed up" by Livvy herself. The video was perceived as cringe by many on TikTok and Twitter, expressed via the reactions and duets to the video, as well as in memes made about the video that satirized the rizz nicknames and rizz-adjacent Zoomer slang terms that the backward-wearing baseball cap host originally used. Many made memes that also referenced the "Drip King" who Baby Gronk was imagined to take the place of in a secondary video from TikToker h00pify.


On March 17th, 2023, TikToker[1] @h00pify posted a video about a recent event in which Baby Gronk met Livvy Dunne at LSU when he was visiting. Their meet-up was documented in a viral Reel posted to Baby Gronk's Instagram[2] two days prior. TikToker[1] @h00pify's video about the meetup gained roughly 2.1 million plays and 196,400 likes in three months (shown below). In the video, the TikToker used the word "rizz" many times, calling Baby Gronk "Rizz King," as well as saying Baby Gronk got "rizzed up" by Livvy.

@h00pify Do you think Baby Gronk will lead LSU to a National Championship? #livvy #livvydunne #babygronk #rizz #rizzking #lsu #lsufootball #collegefootball #louisianastateuniversity #football #henrydetolla #h00pify #detolla ♬ Nfl Theme – Official Sports Bar Version – Playin' Buzzed

After the video went viral in March 2023, it led to a slew of duets and stitches that humorously criticized TikToker @h00pify's way of speaking, usage of the word "rizz" and overall appraisal of Baby Gronk. For instance, the earliest discovered humorous reaction to the TikTok was posted by TikToker[3] @thedripkingg on March 17th, 2023, in which he ironically proclaimed that he was "out rizzed" by Baby Gronk, gaining roughly 365,900 plays and 29,600 likes in three months (shown below).

@thedripkingg #stitch with @h00pify the end of an era… #fyp #viral #pain ♬ Nfl Theme – Official Sports Bar Version – Playin' Buzzed


In the months that followed the original video, TikToker @h00pify posted two more videos to TikTok[4][5] that referenced Baby Gronk and Livvy Dunne. One of the TikToks[4] was uploaded on April 28th, 2023, gaining roughly 199,700 plays and 16,000 likes in two months (shown below, left). The other TikTok[5] was uploaded on May 18th, gaining roughly 1.3 million plays and 92,800 likes in three weeks (shown below, right).

@h00pify Is Livvy using Baby Gronk for clout? #livvy #babygronk #dripking #lsufootball #collegefootball #rizz #tattoo #highschoolfootball #football #youthfootball #livvydunne #calebhammett #thedripking #henrydetolla #h00pify #detolla #louisianastateuniversity ♬ Nfl Theme – Official Sports Bar Version – Playin' Buzzed
@h00pify Who would win a 1v1, Baby Gronk or Baby Diggs? #babygronk #babydiggs #football #1v1 #football1v1 #dripking #livvy #livvydunne #widereceiver #quarterback #paradeinsidemycityyeahhhh #h00pify #henrydetolla #detolla ♬ original sound – H00PIFY

Both of the aforementioned "Baby Gronk" videos also caused reactions on TikTok after they were uploaded. For instance, on May 19th, 2023, TikToker[6] @thedripkingg uploaded another reaction to one of TikToker[5] @h00pify's videos, gaining roughly 82,000 likes in three weeks.

Despite early reactions on TikTok, the concept of Baby Gronk being a Rizz King didn't become a predominant meme trend until the original TikTok[1] from @h00pify was reposted to Twitter on June 6th, 2023, by Twitter[7] user @BenShh1, who captioned it, "this video is making me feel schizophrenic," gaining roughly 3,400 likes in one day (shown below).

this video is making me feel schizophrenic

— co*ck sportello (@BenShh1) June 6, 2023

The repost inspired others to make tweets with the same video, such as Twitter[8] user @ZeroSuitCamus on June 6th, who captioned @BenShh1's video, "Just made this video! Lemme know what you think :)" and received roughly 4,500 likes in less than a day.

Later on June 6th, Twitter[9] user @boygrrI tweeted a version of TikToker @h00pify's words, receiving roughly 1,200 likes in less than a day (shown below, left). Then, that same day, Twitter[10] user @ettingermentum quote retweeted @boygrrI with a photo of Donald Trump seemingly tweeting the words, gaining roughly 4,200 likes in the same timeframe (shown below, right).

Other meme creators on Twitter[11][12] decided to caption a screenshot of TikToker @h00pify's face in the video, predominantly using phrases similar to rizz nicknames in general.

Various Examples

Walter Cronkite crying as he reports this

— ettingermentum (@ettingermentum) June 6, 2023

“yeah im baby gronk”
- baby gronk

— LeBabyGronk Triller Moth (@legotrillermoth) June 6, 2023

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Baby Gronk Rizz King, Livvy Just Rizzed Him Up (2024)


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