All About Olivia Dunne's Sister Julz Dunne (2024)

Olivia Dunne and her sister, Julz Dunne, are best friends.

David and Katherine Dunne welcomed their older daughter, Julz — born Julianna — in February 2001, while their second daughter, Olivia — better known as Livvy on social media — was born in October 2002.

After growing up in New Jersey, Julz and Olivia went to college at the same university. Both sisters, who are one school year apart, attended college at Louisiana State University. At school, the duo remained close, with the sisters even living in apartments down the hall from each other for a time, Elle reported in July 2023.

In addition to their close relationship, the siblings have another thing in common — their social media presence. While Olivia has over 13 million followers, her sister has a following of her own across Instagram, TikTok and Snapchat.

Speaking on The Purple Room Podcast in February 2023, Julz opened up about what it's like to stay grounded while having an online presence. She also shared that she cherishes her relationship with Olivia above all.

"That is my best friend, so, at the end of the day, that’s the relationship that really matters more than the ones from other people online that I don’t even know," Julz said.

Here’s everything to know about Olivia Dunne’s sister, Julz Dunne.

She was born in 2001

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David and Katherine Dunne welcomed their older daughter, Julianna “Julz” Dunne, on Feb. 4, 2001. Nearly two years later, the couple celebrated the arrival of their second child, daughter Olivia “Livvy” Dunne on Oct. 1, 2002.

Julz and Olivia grew up in Hillsdale, N.J. While her younger sister was homeschooled, Julz attended Pascack Valley High School, where she graduated in June 2019.

Though Julz isn’t a gymnast like her sister, she was a softball player through the end of high school. During her senior year, Julz reflected on her time playing the sport in a sentimental post on social media in May 2019 before she graduated.

“I cannot express how thankful I am to have been able to play this sport for the past 12 years,” she wrote in part. “I will forever hold on to all the memories and lessons it has taught me. There have been many wins, losses, smiles, and tears, but most of all there has been so much love.”

She graduated from LSU

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Like her younger sister, Julz also attended LSU. Graduating in May 2023, she studied kinesiology and told the The Purple Room Podcast in February 2023 that she had a concentration in physical activity and health.

Julz described the university as “so different than any school in the Northeast.” Hailing from New Jersey, she said she looked at colleges in the north and “had no clue LSU existed at all” until Olivia had committed to the school when she was 14.

“She was a freshman in high school and I was just a sophom*ore and I was just like, ‘I’m not going to follow my sister, I’m not going to be that person,’ “ Julz said on the podcast.

“At first I went on the athletic tour and I was like ‘This is awesome’ but I want a tour just as a student so I ended up coming back and looking at it as a student and I was like ‘Yeah, I get it.' " she added.

Julz described herself as a “big school spirit” person, which LSU highlighted and gave her an opportunity for plenty of exciting events to celebrate over the course of her four years at the college.

“Coming here has been an awesome experience with that especially,” she noted. “Between football and obviously gymnastics and all of the sporting events, how could you not love it?”

She is a social media sensation like Olivia

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While Olivia boasts over 13 million followers on social media, Julz has found her own success with the TikTok account Forgotten Siblings. She told The Purple Room Podcast in February 2023 that the account started over quarantine during the early days of the COVID-19 pandemic as a means of teasing her younger sibling.

“She was just posting on TikTok, so I was like, ‘I’m just here, might as well just pick on her’ just as an older sibling does to their younger sibling. I was born for this role,” she joked. “It just kind of started as that and people started discovering it, they’re like ‘Oh my god, what is this? All the behind the scenes of Livvy.’ “

Julz said that the account “normalizes” her younger sister because, with her own massive social media presence, she joked, “people hold her on this pedestal, but I’m here to humble her.”

“I make her just like any normal college girl,” she continued. “We work on it together more than anything, it’s not always me just ripping at her. But it’s all for fun... Obviously, it’s real, it’s the real behind the scenes, it’s her really acting like this, but it’s just to poke fun... and it’s awesome that people love it. It’s awesome that people can relate to it.”

She works for her sister

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After graduating from LSU in May 2023, Julz pivoted her career path to align with her sister and became a paid employee on her team to help her continue to maintain and grow her social media career.

Before graduation, Olivia told Elle in July 2023 that Julz was "sometimes the brains behind the operation” of her social media presence.

While Olivia took classes and trained during the day, by night she was creating social media content and had her sister to help her with the work. Together, they would come up with new ideas for Olivia’s videos before filming. From there, while Olivia was at practice, Julz edited the content.

Julz spoke about her role in her sister’s career during a February 2023 appearance on The Purple Room Podcast, explaining, “So any of her TikTok ads, I’m the one who edits, directs films, all of them.”

She also noted that she often works directly with the brands and talks to them, films the ads and makes any necessary corrections.

“I really love doing that. It’s awesome and it’s just something that I would love to continue doing for her, for myself, for other athletes, for really anyone,” she added.

She wants to help other athletes grow their social media presence

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While Julz plays a major role in her sister’s social media career, she has shared that she would also like to expand her business to help other college athletes find success through social media.

She explained her ambitions on The Purple Room Podcast in February 2023, highlighting the change with the NCAA’s NIL policy, which now allows college athletes to profit off of their own “name, image, and likeness.”

“There’s all these athletes and obviously social media is the place to be making money,” she said. “With this new platform for these athletes, not all of them know how to work with the company and make the ads, so that’s definitely something I’m looking into doing.”

All About Olivia Dunne's Sister Julz Dunne (2024)


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