6 Best & Free Figure Drawing Courses Online: Price, Review, USPs [2021 List] (2024)

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For anyone interested, free figure drawing courses are a great way to get started with the art of figure drawing.

Figure drawing is an ancient art form that involves the practice of drawing from a model who poses for the sole purpose of the artist.

Figure drawing has been around for centuries and even today it is a art worth pursuing.

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6 Best & Free Figure Drawing Courses Online: Price, Review, USPs [2021 List] (1)

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Why Figure Drawing is important?

Just like any other art, the value of figure drawing is beyond monetary gains.

When a figure drawing artist draws a human figure, the artist is able to fully understand and appreciate measurements, proportions and relationships of these elements.

Figure drawing requires the artist to see thier objects more closely and capture the true essence of the object.

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I have tried to list only best and free figure drawing classes that are extremely affordable so that anyone can get started.

Here are 6 Best Figure Drawing Classes Online [2021]

Table of Contents

Anatomy for Figure Drawing: Mastering the Human Figure( Udemy )

6 Best & Free Figure Drawing Courses Online: Price, Review, USPs [2021 List] (2)

This course starts from the basics of proportions and leads up to the muscular movement. It provides in-depth knowledge about figure-drawing human figures and their anatomy in any easy to understand manner.

This is a great course for both beginners who want to learn from the basics and professionals who want to brush up on their skills.

The instructor covers core topics and also gives an overview of the art of drawing human figures as a whole.

Key USPs

-Expert guidance

-Holistic understanding of the human figure

-Equipment Recommendation

-Bonus Videos


Duration-64.5 hours

Review-Lots of great stuff in each lesson. If you take the time to practice it, these skills will guarantee you become much better at drawing figures from all kinds of angles. The instructor covers literally everything but emphasizes what’s most important.- Sam Miller

Price-Rs 700 or USD 10

Explore Anatomy for Figure Drawing Course

Complete Beginner’s Guide to Anatomy and Figure Drawing (Udemy)

6 Best & Free Figure Drawing Courses Online: Price, Review, USPs [2021 List] (3)

This course is perfect for novices who want to learn anatomy and figure drawing.

This course makes you well equipped to draw without inspiration or references from other artists. It allows you to explore and expand your horizons.

This is a good course for those who want to venture into the world of illustrations in the future.

Key USPs

-Learn free-hand drawing

-Learnings can be translated to digital painting

-Develop your own sense of style

-Master the art of illustrations


Duration-25.5 hours

Review– I enjoyed that you had a very easy to follow process you went from the basics, mannequin, skeleton, muscles, then you went to putting the information all together. The second good thing is that it is easy to follow along and draw while you are teaching you don’t talk to fast and you show multiple ways of how to draw a part of the body.- Majid M Padellan

Price- Rs 700 or USD 10

Explore Complete Beginner’s Guide to Anatomy and Figure Drawing Course

The Complete Figure Drawing Course HD (Udemy)

6 Best & Free Figure Drawing Courses Online: Price, Review, USPs [2021 List] (4)

This is an Industrial art training course that equips students to manifest and draw realistic human figures.

This course is used as an aid in professional and renowned Art Institutes all across the globe. This course familiarizes you with the skills you require to become a professional artist.

Key USPs

-Learn from acclaimed creators

-Use of simple drawing methods

-Master tricky techniques

-Discover the power of artistic thinking


Duration-78.5 hours

Review-The concepts are so well connected and well demonstrated. Now I really have some kind of idea to work on human figures from my mind.

While doing this course I started to observe and realize how the concepts work when I see people around.- Sierra Danes

Price– Rs 700 ( discounted Price)

Explore The Complete Figure Drawing Course

Free Figure Drawing Classes Online (Skillshare)

6 Best & Free Figure Drawing Courses Online: Price, Review, USPs [2021 List] (5)

This course brings all the experiences of a figure drawing studio to the comfort of your home. You get an opportunity to learn from academic professionals who will guide you throughout.

It includes detailed demonstrations and working with live models. The instructor breaks down complex techniques for a deeper understanding of the artform.

Key USPs

-Multi-faceted skill learning

-Brush through traditional artforms

-Certificate of completion

-Dynamic knowledge base


Duration– Self-paced

Review– Awesome, highly exceeded my expectations! for me it is the best training in terms of classic drawing, to make the basics of drawing you have to learn anatomical drawing!-Martin Sorel


Explore Free Figure Drawing Classes Online Course

Figure Drawing Training (LinkedIn Learning – Lynda)

6 Best & Free Figure Drawing Courses Online: Price, Review, USPs [2021 List] (6)

This course shows you how to bring life to the human form on paper.

The instructor has simplified the steps of figure drawing for beginners and also gives inputs on the materials to be used while drawing. Different chapters are built in accordance to different drawing principles.

This helps in the comprehensive understanding of the method.

Key USPs

– Work with live models

-Plenty of practise sessions

-Covers digital illustrations

-Can be used offline



Review-I’ve read a lot of books on the subject, and have watched other videos, but for the first time I feel like I have the confidence to actually improve and make good looking figures. Excellent teacher with a great style and energy-Joseph Mangini

Price– Variable

Explore Figure Drawing Training Course

The Art and Science of Figure Drawing-Gesture (Udemy)

6 Best & Free Figure Drawing Courses Online: Price, Review, USPs [2021 List] (7)

This course focuses on Gestures and Dynamism when drawing the human figure.

Gesture drawing is often neglected when it comes to figure drawing, butthis course makes up for that gap.

It has a multi-level practise reel that you can use to put your skills to work. The instructor provides detailed demonstration of still life objects and also live models. Poses with intricate detailing are specifically chosen for this course.

Key USPs

-Full-lifetime access

-Plenty of practise poses

-Focus on intricate details

-Learn contemporary practises


Duration– 11 hours

Review– This course helped me get better at creating the basic human body for gesture and pushing my character designs further. Stick with this course one lesson each day and u will get better. for a starting course this is worth in and hope to get better with this course and maybe others. This is not an anatomy course but that should be the next thing to learn after gesture drawing.- Matthew List

Price- Rs 481/- or USD 6

Explore The Art and Science of Figure Drawing-Gesture Course

So these were some of the best and free figure drawing courses online, wish you a great time learning this art.

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6 Best & Free Figure Drawing Courses Online: Price, Review, USPs [2021 List] (2024)


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